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Softworks is recognised as high quality local government & public sector workforce management solution provider.
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Public Sector

Assisting Public Sector departments deliver a first class service while balancing tight budgets.

Public Sector

Assisting departments accurately record hours worked; maintain flexi balances and manage planned/unplanned absences. With current pressures on the public sector to operate within reduced budgets, while continuing to deliver a high level of service, there is a need to find new ways to reduce expenditure. As the largest controllable expense, the workforce provides a great opportunity for the public sector to reduce costs. Softworks Time & Attendance, Flexitime Working, computerised Honour Based Timesheet and Employee Self Service solutions, provide the tools and processes they need to reduce labour costs, increase efficiencies, accommodate variable staffing needs and comply with complex labour laws and union agreements.

How Softworks can assist the Public Sector:

  • Reduces labour costs.
  • Increases efficiencies.
  • Optimises workforce scheduling.
  • Manages flexible working.
  • Ensures labour compliance.
  • Manages absences.
  • Delivers real-time visibility.
  • Streamlines operations.
  • Empowers employees.
  • Increases payroll accuracy.