Optimise employee schedules while maintaining quality standards.

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The Pharmaceutical sector is a knowledge-intensive, high tech and high cost industry that’s highly competitive. In today’s pharmaceutical manufacturing environment, production runs are shorter, product complexity is increasing and quality expectations are greater. The pressure is on with companies looking for ways to reduce costs and optimise operations while maintaining flexibility and quality standards. This is where Softworks Time & Attendance, Employee Scheduling, Absence Management and HR Workforce Management Solutions can help.


  • Easily schedule employees based on availability, skill and certification levels.
  • Track which employees worked on what production batches.
  • Reduce operating costs by making optimal use of existing workforce and minimising the need for overtime.
  • Help your organisation ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Reduce time spent administering employee absences, holidays, time in lieu and sickness.
  • Help you build a clear picture of employee attendance through detailed data and reports on attendance, holidays, absenteeism,  flexible working and additional hours.
  • Help to attract, retain and motivate employees by giving them more control over their work schedules with our easy to use Employee Self-service App.
  • Manage learning and training and monitor staff skills certification.
  • Integrate with 3rd party payroll/HR systems.

About Softworks

Our powerful Workforce Solutions are built and supported by our years of experience. We also have a proven ability to understand and address just about any workforce challenge across all major industries.

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From start-ups to global operations our customers span multiple industry sectors and business sizes. We can provide you with cutting-edge Time & Attendance solutions, Scheduling, HR and Absence Management solutions


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