Enabling Pharmaceutical companies track time used for R&D, ensure compliance & operational efficiency.

Enabling the industry track employee time used for research, development and specific productions. Softworks assists pharmaceutical companies to more efficiently manage time & attendance, workforce scheduling, absence management and respond to legislative compliance. Designed to address the unique labour tracking requirements, Softworks solutions can be used to track time used for research, development and specific productions. This ability to track which employees worked on what production batches is vital information for management in the pharmaceutical industry, as the industry is subject to such high standards for the production of medicines.

How Softworks can assist the Pharmaceutical / Life Sciences Companies

  • Increases efficiencies.
  • Optimises workforce scheduling.
  • Streamlines operations.
  • Improves productivity and quality.
  • Delivers real-time visibility of labour.
  • Ensures labour compliance.
  • Manages absences.
  • Empowers employees.
  • Increases payroll accuracy.