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Companies in the retail sector are facing increasing competition, unpredictable customer demand and increased labour costs while being expected to deliver superior levels of customer service in a competitive environment where costs need to be tightly managed.

This is where Softworks Workforce Management Software can help. Our Time and Attendance SoftwareEmployee Scheduling Software and HR and Skills Management Software give retailers the tools they need to balance high labour costs, tight budgets, variable staffing needs and complex labour laws without putting customer loyalty, service, compliance, employee satisfaction or profitability at risk.

How Softworks Workforce Management Software helps Retailers:

  • Controls costs: Softworks Time and Attendance Software increases payroll accuracy and reduces hidden labour costs through the correct management of Employee Time and Attendance.
  • Optimises Employee Scheduling: Our Employee Scheduling Software allows you to quickly and easily schedule available and correctly skilled employees into shifts eliminating the errors associated with manually prepared schedules and saving you valuable time and money. Align employee supply with customer demand by costing out schedules and comparing them to forecasted revenue and payroll costs to avoid overspends.
  • Improves productivity: Our Time and Attendance SoftwareEmployee Scheduling Software and Employee Self-Service Software automate complex processes and eliminate unnecessary admin related to employee management freeing up Managers to spend more time on tasks that add real value to your retail operations.
  • Increases employee engagementEmployee Self-Service Software allows employees to view their schedules and leave balances and request annual leave and shift swaps (where enabled) giving them a greater sense of ownership of their working schedule.
  • Improves business decision making: With access to over 1,000 reports and a suite of real-time Dashboards you can be sure you’re making informed business decisions based on key business insights. Having the data at their fingertips allows your managers to respond to changing business environments more quickly. Designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, line managers can easily navigate and access information with limited training.

Softworks Solutions for Retail

Softworks Workforce Management Software helps retailers manage and automate Employee Time and Attendance, Employee Scheduling as well as Leave of all types.


From start-ups to global operations our customers span multiple industry sectors and business sizes. We can provide you with cutting-edge Time and Attendance, Scheduling, HR and Absence Management Solutions.

Clas Ohlson – Retail Case Study

Clas Ohlsen uses Softworks Time and Attendance and Scheduling Solutions for its chain of UK retail stores. They now have full visibility of their workforce for strategic decision making and are spending more time on core business objectives and less time on manual and administrative tasks.

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