Enabling Retailers manage employee costs while delivering first class customer service.

Today’s Integrated Workforce Management (WFM) Solutions including Time & Attendance, Scheduling and Absence Management give retailers the tools and processes they need to balance the high cost of labour, tight budgets, variable staffing needs, complex labour laws and union agreements without putting customer loyalty, service, compliance, employee satisfaction, or profitability at risk.

Easily create schedules/rosters and manage employee costs while delivering first class customer service. Softworks assist retailers optimise labour planning and scheduling and manage planned and unplanned absences. Designed to address the retail sector’s unique requirements, Softworks solutions provide a completely automated workforce environment with proactive, event driven actionable alerts and full reporting facilities as standard. Effective workforce management has never been more critical to the sector due to the competitive nature of the industry, the ever increasing higher standards of service being demanded and the necessity to control operating costs. As the workforce is the single largest controllable expense for retail, labour is often a key driver to financial success or otherwise.

How Softworks can assist the Retail Industry

  • Reduces labour costs.
  • Streamlines operations.
  • Optimises workforce scheduling.
  • Delivers real-time visibility of stores.
  • Ensures labour compliance.
  • Manages absences.
  • Manages flexibility in scheduling.
  • Increases payroll accuracy.

Leading retailers realise the importance of aligning all labour costs, with associated revenue and business profitability. The who, when, where and doing what, needs to be measured effectively and this is where a comprehensive workforce management platform is invaluable. Managers get the tools and operating parameters they need, at every level to deploy resource plans and schedules effectively, while delivering top down management controls over wages or labour overhead, overtime, shifts, absence management and other major cost drivers in the business. You want your staff to there when your customers are there.

Softworks Retail Solutions have been designed with the specific requirements of retailers in mind. Together with feedback from our retail customers and industry experts, we have designed the most industry specific workforce solutions available in the market place today.

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