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Patient Acuity

Softworks All-In-One Workforce Management Software integrates the Acuity-Based Staffing model to provide an optimised solution to Healthcare Employee Scheduling, Time and Attendance, Absence Management and much more.

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  • · •Align staff rosters with Patients’ Acuity
  • · •Track patient dependency levels per ward
  • · •Identify wards that require revised staffing levels
  • · •Generate staff-to-patient assignments
  • · •Automate workforce administration
  • · •Ensure regulatory compliance

Patient Acuity is the measurement of the intensity of nursing care required by a patient. Healthcare organisations use patient acuity assessment to optimise their nursing resources and provide high-quality care to their patients.

What is the Acuity-Based Staffing model?


Acuity-based staffing allocates resources based on patients’ needs, rather than just patient numbers. Assigning the number of nurses needed per shift based merely on the number of patients may not be in the best interests of patients. For example, patients may require a dedicated nurse 24/7 when in intensive care but need minimal care on the day they are discharged.

With our automated acuity-based staffing solutions, you can optimise nursing rosters and assignments with patients’ dependency needs and be sure that you are making the best use of your workforce. It allows you to achieve quality patient outcomes, more efficient employee scheduling, reduced costs and increased employee satisfaction and retention.

Benefits of Workforce Management Software based on Patient Acuity

  • ALIGN staff rosters with patients’ acuity. Schedule shifts by considering skills, experience and patients’ acuity levels.
  • TRACK patient dependency levels across wards by integrating with tools like Shelford Acuity Tool, NICE, RAFAELA, and NHPPD.
  • ASSESS the level of care required by each patient and schedule staff accordingly.
  • MATCH required nursing FTE vs actual rostered FTE hours.
  • IDENTIFY the number of staff required in each ward on a daily basis.
  • ASSIST ward managers in identifying wards requiring revised staffing levels.
  • MONITOR patient dependency levels and generate staff-to-patient assignments based on these levels.
Screenshot of Softworks Workforce Management Software together with Softworks Self-Service App shown on mobile, and Facial Recognition Clocking Device next to it.

Areas We Help


Time and Attendance

Build a clear picture of employee time through detailed data and reports on attendance, absenteeism, overtime, flexi-balances, rostering & annual leave.

Employee Scheduling

Manage and optimise rosters across the entire organisation. Enable effective scheduling and management of staff across all job functions, wards, teams and multiple locations. Schedule staff according to patient acuity and needs.

Absence Management

Manage sick leave, annual leave, maternity, parental, adoptive, carers and force majeure in a simple and efficient way. Automate the absence management process and reduce absenteeism in return.

Employee Clocking Terminals


Employee Self-Service Portal and Mobile App

Easy-to-use employee self-service solution enabling employees to check rosters, clock in and out, request holidays, manage personal information and much more. Available on mobile or desktop.

HR Management

A complete HR system for employee information tracking and management. Securely store and manage employee information. Alternatively, integrate with your existing HR system.

Skills Management

Complete management solution to track employee skills, training & qualifications. Detect training needs and manage employee learning requirements. Includes automated alerts when employee skills or training are due to expire.

Action Manager

A single screen that allows managers to act upon any outstanding tasks, such as holiday requests, missed clocking and overtime approval.

Legislative Compliance

Our easy-to-use legislative compliance feature helps you ensure compliance with country-specific employment legislation and H&S regulation.

Available Clocking Systems

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Leading hospitals use Softworks Solutions

The Mater Private are delighted with their new system….

What we have gained is better rostering, better control, comprehensive records, better reports and functionality to make changes or to test if proposed changes would work.

Bon Secours Health System

The automatic and to the minute Flexitime calculations and the automatic holiday calculations for employees have significantly reduced administration and manual tasks.


The System allows us to operate at multiple sites with the data being transferred to a central server.

Newbrook Nursing Home

Softworks has had a tremendous impact on the organization’s ability to be more efficient with time tracking, reporting, legislative compliance around confidentiality and privacy, and have better business outcomes.

Aids Committee of Toronto

Team leaders appreciate the fact that they can now plan more easily and that it’s much simpler to manage holidays and flexitime for their teams.

Fusion Antibodies

Employees find Softworks very user-friendly, they like the fact it’s easy to navigate and it’s updated in real-time, being able to check their clock cards and track actual time worked and bank time in lieu.

Aran Biomedical

Overall we are very happy with Softworks as it provides a much quicker and more accurate way of controlling everything from clock-in to wages payout and storing personnel information.


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