Patient Acuity

Optimise Nursing Schedules with Patients’ Needs

Automated Patient Acuity solutions have been proven to assist healthcare organisations with patient care, safety and quality. Furthermore, they can assist with increased employee satisfaction and reduced organisational costs. Patient Acuity is the measurement of the level of nursing care required by a patient. An acuity-based staffing system controls the number of nurses on a shift based on the patients’ needs. For example, patients may range from requiring minimal care on the day they are departing a hospital, to needing a dedicated nurse 24/7 after a serious procedure.

Softworks Patient Acuity Solutions can assist you to;

    • Optimise your nursing schedules with patients’ needs.
    • Track patient dependency levels across each ward using accredited tools such as; the Shelford acuity tool, NICE, RAFAELA, and NHPPD or alternatively using a custom approach.
    • Assess the level of care required by each patient and schedule staff accordingly – taking into account the required skills and experience.
    • Match required nursing FTE vs actual rostered FTE hours.
    • Identify how many staff are required in each of your wards/departments, on a daily basis, to ensure that the best level of care is delivered to your patients.
    • Assist ward managers to identify wards that require revised staffing levels; by visually displaying any over or under staffing and enabling them to make adjustments.
    • Monitor patient dependency levels and generate staff to patient assignments based on these levels.

Our acuity-based staffing solution can assist you to achieve better patient outcomes, increased employee satisfaction, more efficient employee scheduling and cost savings. With Softworks Patient Acuity solution you can be sure that you are making the best possible use of your workforce to ensure patient safety and care. If you would like to see a demo of Softworks Patient Acuity solution contact us today and we will organise one at a time that suits you!

Patient Acuity Brochure