Legislative Compliance

Ensuring you are always compliant with the latest legislation.


More and more companies are finding themselves in breach of legislative compliance. This can mean fines or even hefty compensation cases that can run into millions of euros. It’s not surprising really, when you consider the amount of new and updated legislation that occurs each year. So how do organisations with a high level of salaried staff, monitor and ensure compliance?

With Softworks Time and Attendance solutions, compliance couldn’t be easier. Some use our unique “Honour Based Attendance Tracking”, designed specifically for organisations where the culture is not to clock, and others our simple “Web Based In & Out clocks”. Whatever your organisational culture, Softworks can assist you manage compliance. We have recently launched the latest version of our unique – Email Timesheets.

Email Timesheets which can;

  • Assist your organisation to ensure regulatory compliance, operational efficiency and cost control.
  • Make it easy for your organisation to monitor employee attendance without impacting on your company culture.
  • Be configured to your organisation’s unique rules, workflow processes and requirements and give your employees full control over their own time, thereby promoting employee satisfaction, engagement and retention.
  • Help you build a clear picture of employee attendance through detailed data and reports on attendance, holidays, absenteeism, flexible working and additional hours.

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Softworks Time & Attendance is one of the most powerful employee time tracking tools available for recording and analysing hours worked. Used to manage employee attendance and produce real-time reports for analysis by management as well as to collate personnel information.

I just wanted to compliment Softworks and to say a big thank you from us. Your trainer Katie came in and completed a half-day training session with two of our team. They said they had never enjoyed or gotten more from a training session.

—Liz Doyle

HR Manager, Bewleys


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