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Legislative Compliance

Ensuring you are always compliant with the latest employment legislation.

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· •Ensure Legislative Compliance
· •Avoid Hefty Fines
· •Stay on Top of Legislative Changes
· •Get Notified in case of a Breach

How can organisations monitor and ensure legislative compliance?

More and more companies are finding themselves in breach of legislative compliance. This results in fines or even hefty compensation cases that can run into millions. It’s not surprising when you consider the amount of new and updated legislation that occurs each year.

Softworks easy-to-use legislative compliance feature helps you ensure compliance with country-specific employment legislation and H&S regulation.

With our Time and Attendance solutions, compliance couldn’t be easier. Some use our unique “Honour Based Timesheets”, designed specifically for organisations where the culture is not to clock, and others our physical or web-based Clock In solutions. Whatever your organisational culture is, Softworks can help you to achieve legislative compliance.

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