Helping Hospitality control costs while delivering outstanding levels of quality & customer service.

Assisting businesses control costs while delivering outstanding levels of quality and customer service. Softworks hospitality workforce management software includes Time & Attendance and Flexible Working Solutions which are used by a wide variety of organisations in the hotel and hospitality industry. Flexible shift arrangements are required in order to maximise productivity, provide excellent customer service and to manage employee work-life balance. Softworks Hospitality Solutions will automate your entire attendance and manpower planning process whilst managing and tracking holidays, absences, overtime and leave balances. Along the way, we will always ensure that your schedules are compliant with the latest legislation. Hotels consistently struggle with balancing workforce costs with hotel profitability. By over staffing they drive up costs and by under staffing they sacrifice service levels. Download our free paper which examines the hotel sector’s workforce challenges and explores how technology can assist to overcome these challenges.

How Softworks can assist the Hospitality Sector

  • Enables you to create flexible staffing schedules to cater for areas including; split shifts, seasonal staff, rehires and staff working in more than one area/department.
  • Optimises workforce scheduling and deployment by aligning labour resources with customer and business demand. Provide the optimal staffing mix.
  • Improves productivity and quality by making informed real time decisions based on actual data – right people, right place, right time at the right cost.
  • Reduces operating costs by making optimal use of existing workforce and minimising the need for overtime and temporary labour.
  • Takes control of managing employee absences, holidays, and sickness more efficiently.
  • Assists you to ensure legislative compliance and health and safety requirements.

Leading businesses in the hospitality sector realise the importance of aligning all labour costs, with associated revenue and business profitability. The who, when, where and doing what, needs to be measured effectively and this is where Softworks can assist. Managers get the tools and operating parameters they need, at every level to deploy resource plans and schedules effectively, while delivering top down management controls over wages or labour overhead, overtime, shifts, absence management and other major cost drivers in the business. You want your staff to be there when your customers are there.

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