Workforce Management Software

Learn more about our range of workforce management software and how they can assist you to drive efficiency,reduce costs and increase productivity & profitability.

Time and Attendance screengrab

Time & Attendance

eRostering screengrab

eRostering/Labour Scheduling

Absence Management

HR Management screengrab

HR Management

Projectwise screengrab

Project Tracking

Employee Self Service screengrab

Employee Self Service & App

Honour Based Timesheets screengrab

Honour Based Timesheets

Expense Management screengrab

Expense Management

Alerts & Workflow Module

Flexible Working screengrab

Flexible Working

Learning & Skills Tracking

Clocking systems


Entrance Control

Softworks Entrance Control Software gives you complete verifiable & auditable control over access to your facilities.

Product brochures cover for Biometric Flap Barriers

Biometric Flap Barrier

Product brochures cover for Biometric Swing Barrier

Biometric Swing Barrier

Product brochures cover for Tripod Turnstiles

Tripod Turnstiles

Product brochures cover for Biometric Full Height Turnstiles

Biometric Full Height Turnstiles