Workforce Management Software

Learn more about our range of workforce management software and how they can assist you to drive efficiency,reduce costs and increase productivity & profitability.

Time and Attendance screengrab

Time & Attendance

eRostering screengrab

eRostering/Labour Scheduling

Absence Management

HR Management screengrab

HR Management

Projectwise screengrab

Project Tracking

Employee Self Service screengrab

Employee Self Service & App

Honour Based Timesheets screengrab

Honour Based Timesheets

Expense Management screengrab

Expense Management

Alerts & Workflow Module

Flexible Working screengrab

Flexible Working

Learning & Skills Tracking

Clocking systems


Entrance Control

Softworks Entrance Control Software gives you complete verifiable & auditable control over access to your facilities.

Biometric Flap Barrier

Biometric Swing Barrier

Tripod Turnstiles

Biometric Full Height Turnstiles