Employee Self Service

Softworks Employee Self Service (ESS) and Mobile App enables employees to record their own time and attendance,check work schedules and request holidays.

Employee Self Service & App

Employee Self Service is an increasingly prevalent trend in Human Resources and Workforce Management with many benefits for both the employer and the employee. Softworks Employee Self-Service (ESS) and Mobile App are loved by employees and managers alike! These solutions allow an employee to handle many job-related tasks that otherwise would have fallen to management or administrative staff. They eliminate paperwork and unnecessary phone calls back and forth to HR, whilst drastically reducing costs. With minimal training, employees can access personnel information anytime, enabling HR and Payroll to be more efficient and productive with their time.

Softworks Employee Self Service can assist you to:

    • Save time & reduce costs by placing employee & HR information in the hands of the employee.
    • Enable individual employees to access real-time information on their rosters/schedules, holiday/vacation balances and so on.
    • Streamline HR and Payroll processes by reducing the number of calls received from employees.
    • Allow employees to view absence figures including, type, category and duration of absence.
    • Cut down on administration time by giving your employees ‘self-service’ access to holiday requests.
    • Increase the efficiency of Human Resources, Payroll and Operations staff due to reduced queries from employees.
    • Present employee time, attendance, schedule and absence information in a way that is clear and immediately understandable.

With Softworks Mobile App Employees can:

    • Clock in or out (with GPS location) – Perfect for today’s mobile workforce.
    • View clocking history.
    • Check flexi balance. (If applicable).
    • Book a holiday/vacation.
    • View current holiday/vacation balances.
    • Check work schedules/rosters.
    • View employee details.
    • Request absences including; training, sick leave, maternity, paternity, study and much more…

Mobile App Dashboard

View Balance Details

Request Holidays

GPS Clocking Location