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Softworks Employee Self Service Software allows employees to record their working hours, check their schedules, request leave and view leave balances on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Softworks Employee Self Service App - screenshot on mobile and desktop

What is Employee Self-Service software and how can it help your organisation?

Employee Self Service software allows your employees to record their own time and attendance, check work schedules, request leave of all types, view flexitime and leave balances and update personal information.

Softworks Employee Self Service software is available for desktops and laptops as well as an Employee Self Service App for tablets and mobiles.

The information in the Employee Self Service App links directly to your core Softworks Workforce Management Software so the employer and the employee always have the most up to date information to hand. There’s no need to dig through emails, spreadsheets or reports to find the information you need.

What can your employees do with Employee Self Service software?

  • Clock in or out (with GPS location) – Perfect for today’s mobile workforce.
  • View their time clocked history.
  • Check their flextime balances (If applicable).
  • Request annual leave or other leave types such as training, sick leave, maternity, paternity, study and more.
  • View annual leave/vacation taken to date and remaining balances.
  • Check their work schedules/rosters.
  • Apply for additional shifts or rosters or swop shifts with colleagues (where applicable)
  • Update personal information.
  • View team calendars.

What are the benefits of Employee Self-Service software for employees?

It provides Immediate access to information: With Employee Self Service software, employees can easily manage their own time and personal details giving them more control over their working lives. Your employees benefit from one central hub for everything – no more waiting for line managers, HR or Payroll departments to respond to queries.

It enables flexible working: The ability to use the Employee Self Service App to view accurate flexitime balances or to use the clocking facility to record working hours while working remotely is perfect for employees whose organisations have flexible or remote working policies in place Employees can make the most of this valued benefit while ensuring their working hours are accurately recorded.

What are the benefits of Employee Self-Service Software for employers?

It increases efficiency: With minimal training, employees can access personal information, view details on balances and schedules and submit leave requests. This reduces the number of queries to HR and line managers freeing them up to concentrate on more strategic activities. Managers receive an email notification when employees request annual leave and can approve leave requests directly through email improving response times reducing admin and keeping employees satisfied.

It enhances employee engagement: Giving employees access to their information gives them more control over their working lives and this in turn creates a culture of motivated and empowered people.

It improves accuracy: Moving away from manual tracking on emails and spreadsheets dramatically improves accuracy and accountability.

Softworks app dashboard

Mobile App Dashboard

App Balance Details screen

View Balance Details

iPhone with app request holiday screen

Request Holidays

iPhone GPS

GPS Clocking Location

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