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Softworks assists Nursing Homes to deliver high-quality, cost effective care within budget, while focusing on your most important resource – your people. We understand your primary focus is patient care, so we want to automate as much of the employee management processes as possible. Our Rostering, Time & Attendance, HR, Skills Tracking and Absence Management solutions can help you build a clear picture of your employees, through detailed data and reports on HR, skills, attendance, activity, scheduling and holiday leave. Our solutions have been proven to assist Nursing Homes with operational efficiency, cost control, regulatory compliance and employee empowerment.

Softworks Workforce Management Solutions are easy to use and can empower Care Homes & Nursing Homes to;

    • Make the best possible use of your existing workforce and minimise the use of agency staff with Softworks roster optimisation tools.
    • Allow managers to work within predefined budget allocations and optimise schedules accordingly.
    • Reduce overtime, absenteeism and other unplanned costs.
    • Eliminate paper-based schedules and Excel spreadsheets along with time consuming administrative tasks and needless errors.
    • Ensure compliance with the European Working Time Directive and Health & Safety requirements.

We can provide you with solutions to assist with

    • HR Management – Full HR system to track employee information including; contract start dates, probation review periods, personnel information, performance reviews and visa dates. Alternatively Softworks can integrate with your existing HR system.
    • Skills Management – Complete skills management solution to track employee skills, training & qualifications, detect training needs and manage employee learning requirements. Includes automated alerts when employee skills or training are due to expire.
    • Rostering – Easy to use rostering system that can track staffing levels throughout the day, roster costs, budgets, employees working in multiple cost centres, contract hours and comments on a daily roster.
    • Time & Attendance / Clocking – Multiple clocking methods including; biometric, proximity and pin clocking terminals. If you already have clocking hardware, we may be able to integrate depending on the system.
    • Employee Demographics, Absence & Analytics – Real time, dynamic information on employee trends such as; absences, lates and leaving early to provide accurate management information.
    • Employee Status Panel – Real time view of all employees currently clocked to work, allowing full control of information across multiple sites.
    • European Working Time Directive – Easy to view EWTD module to ensure compliance with the legislation and notification of any breaches.
    • Employee Self Service & Mobile App – Easy to use employee self-service solution to give employees’ access to their information such as their rosters, holidays, absences and shift swaps.
    • Action Manager – Single screen to allow managers to action upon any outstanding tasks, such as; holiday requests, missed clocking and overtime approval – eliminating missed clocking exception reports.
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