Optimising Rosters

Softworks e-rostering let you easily balance workforce supply with customer demand letting you reduce operating costs.

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Using an automated e-Rostering solution can make a real difference to the bottom line by allowing control and decision-making power where and when it is needed. It’s not just about reducing workforce costs; it’s about workforce productivity and reducing time and effort spent on creating rosters manually as well as answering the subsequent employee queries.

In many organisations managers routinely roster over budget simply because they can’t see the cost of inaccurately matching their requirements to their budget. Softworks e-rostering solutions help manage the complex balance of workforce supply with customer demand letting you reduce operating costs.

Key Benefits

  • Promotes more efficient work scheduling, resulting in more productivity with less payroll.
  • Provides management with tools to help reduce overtime and use of contract staffing.
  • Delivers more accurate reporting of employee and payroll hours and forecast costs.
  • Ensures that all decisions in relation to your workforce are transparent and decisions about staff rosters and shifts are visible and made within predefined parameters.
  • Delivers a complete picture of employee efficiencies and trends for the entire organisation over extended periods of time.

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eRostering and Labour Scheduling

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