Empowering Financial companies to ensure compliance, operational efficiency & cost control.

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Empowering companies to manage employee costs; ensure compliance and track holidays and other absences. Financial services including; banks, credit unions, insurance, accountancy, stock brokers and credit card companies are using Softworks Workforce Management (WFM) technology to assist them to control labour costs, increase efficiencies, optimise labour planning and scheduling, ensure compliance and manage planned and unplanned absences and attract and retain the best employees. Workforce Management technology includes products and solutions for managing and automating Time & Attendance, Flexible & Remote Working, Activity Recording & Project Tracking, Employee Scheduling, Compliance, Leave & Absence Management and Training & Skills tracking which can assist financial services companies in the smooth operation of their activities.

How Softworks can assist the Financial Sector

  • Automates time, attendance and activity tracking.
  • Provides legislative compliance & best practice obligations.
  • Builds cost effective labour schedules for the business.
  • Increases transparency and accountability in the reconciliation of employee data.
  • Seamlessly incorporates flexible working and family friendly policies.
  • Manages & reduces unplanned costs such as overtime and absenteeism.
  • Standardises applications for holidays and other absences.

Softworks solutions can give Financial Services companies a clear picture of workforce activity through detailed dashboards, KPIs, reports and event driven alerts and emails on attendance, absenteeism, overtime, holidays balances, scheduling and sick leave. Managers receive real-time event driven workforce data and can then make instant decisions based on those facts. Managers are capable of deploying their staff based on this real-time information and in turn reduce operational costs. With the introduction of Softworks, financial services companies have complete control and transparency in relation to their workforce and associated costs. This transformation of workforce management will allow financial services companies, to ensure a consistent and superior customer experience.

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How the latest in Workforce Management technology can assist Financial Services Companies with Business Challenges.

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