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Reducing Payroll Costs

Streamline Payroll and uncover and reduce hidden labour costs in your company.

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· •Accurate Report of Employee Hours
· •Reduced Administration
· •Increased Payroll Accuracy
· •Reduced Overhead Costs

Identifying labour costs is the first step in effectively managing them. By automating the way Time and Attendance data is collected and processed, you have complete control and transparency in relation to your workforce and payroll costs.

Softworks Workforce Management software reduces admin time and eliminates errors associated with paper timesheets. All salary data is streamlined directly to Payroll – improving accuracy and reducing Payroll costs.

It also allows you to quantify hidden costs such as absenteeism, unapproved overtime, questionable sickness absences, late starts and early finishes which all boost your company’s true labour costs. It is an automated workforce solution that provides across-the-board strategic benefits to your company’s performance and profitability.


  • Accurate reporting of employee hours and cost forecast
  • Complete picture of employee efficiencies and trends
  • Lower overhead cost and increased profitability
  • Increased employee attendance and reduced overtime
  • Efficient work scheduling, resulting in higher levels of productivity with less Payroll
  • Increased Payroll accuracy

What We Do – The Softworks Story…

From Time and Attendance Tracking to a complete Workforce Management Solution…

What we have gained is better rostering, better control, comprehensive records, better reports and functionality to make changes or to test if proposed changes would work.

Bon Secours Health System

The automatic and to the minute Flexitime calculations and the automatic holiday calculations for employees have significantly reduced administration and manual tasks.


The System allows us to operate at multiple sites with the data being transferred to a central server.

Newbrook Nursing Home

Softworks has had a tremendous impact on the organization’s ability to be more efficient with time tracking, reporting, legislative compliance around confidentiality and privacy, and have better business outcomes.

Aids Committee of Toronto

Team leaders appreciate the fact that they can now plan more easily and that it’s much simpler to manage holidays and flexitime for their teams.

Fusion Antibodies

Employees find Softworks very user-friendly, they like the fact it’s easy to navigate and it’s updated in real-time, being able to check their clock cards and track actual time worked and bank time in lieu.

Aran Biomedical

Overall we are very happy with Softworks as it provides a much quicker and more accurate way of controlling everything from clock-in to wages payout and storing personnel information.


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