Helping Construction companies to manage their workforce more effectively and efficiently.

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Softworks assists construction companies to more effectively and efficiently manage, measure and monitor their employees’ time, attendance, schedules, absences and projects. Softworks assists construction companies to streamline processes, increase productivity and reduce costs through improved management, scheduling and utilisation of labour resources.

How Softworks can assist Construction companies:

  • Manage Employee Time and Attendance – Clocking and non-clocking options.
  • Labour Scheduling/Rostering and Optimisation.
  • HR Management (or we can integrate with an existing system).
  • Holidays and Absence Management.
  • Manager and employee self-service – including mobile app.
  • Project/Job Tracking and Timesheets.
  • Skills Tracking and Training requirements.
  • Building and Site Access Control.
  • Eliminate time theft and ‘buddy punching’ with biometric or proximity clocking on site.
  • Reduce the errors associated with paper-based scheduling and paper timesheets.
  • Ensure compliance with working time legislation and health and safety regulations – know what staff are on site and where.
  • Integrate with all leading ERP and Payroll Systems – input hours worked directly into your payroll system.
  • Reduce operating costs and increase productivity through Time & Attendance tracking.

Softworks Construction Solution delivers value through:

Reducing unnecessary administrative work: By removing the need to manually prepare schedules, and collate clock cards for input into your payroll system – you can cut down on costs and increase your bottom line.

Monitoring Staffing levels and hours worked: The number of employees on your site will vary daily. With Softworks Solution you can monitor and adjust the amount of staff required as well as the hours they work to ensure you are not paying more than you need to.

Eradicating the inaccuracies of manual clock cards: Traditional card punch clocking machines are susceptible to errors and manipulation. Softworks biometric clocking eliminates time theft practices such as buddy punching. By accurately recording hours worked construction companies can ensure that they are not over paying employees.

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