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All-In-One software for Construction Workforce Management with Time and Attendance, Employee Scheduling, Clocking and Absence Management capabilities.

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  • · •Manage Time and Attendance
  • · •Optimise Labour Scheduling
  • · •Manage Holidays and Absences
  • · •Track Projects
  • · •Manage Skills and Training
  • · •Control Site Access

Softworks software for Construction Workforce Management helps companies efficiently manage, measure and monitor their employees’ time and attendance, schedules, absences and projects. Our Workforce Management technology will enable your organisation to streamline processes, increase productivity and reduce costs through improved management, scheduling and utilisation of labour resources.

Benefits of Workforce Management Systems

Screenshot of Softworks Workforce Management Software together with Softworks Self-Service App shown on mobile, and Facial Recognition Clocking Device next to it.

Areas We Help


Time and Attendance

Automate and build a clear picture of employee time through a suite of dashboards and over 1000 reports. Make sure to have accurate information on employee Time and Attendance at all times.

Labour Scheduling

Quickly and easily schedule available employees into shifts while considering their skills, training, certification and fairness principles. Optimise your rosters and align them with the work demand.

Absence Management

Manage holidays, sick leave, annual leave, maternity, parental, adoptive, carers and force majeure in a simple and efficient way. Automate the absence management process and reduce absenteeism in return.

Labour Levels Management

The number of employees on your site will vary daily. With Softworks solution, you can monitor and adjust the amount of staff required as well as the hours they work to ensure you are not paying more than you need to.

Admin Reduction

By removing the need to manually prepare schedules, and collate clock cards for input into your payroll system – you can cut down on costs and increase your bottom line.

Skills Management

Track employee Skills, Training and H&S Certification. Detect training needs and manage employee learning requirements. Includes automated alerts when employee training or certification is due to expire.

Labour Cost Management

Reduce operating costs by cutting down on admin time and by optimising the existing workforce to minimise the need for overtime or temporary labour.

Payroll Accuracy Improvement

Traditional card punch clocking machines are susceptible to errors and manipulation. Softworks biometric clocking eliminates time theft practices such as “buddy punching”.

Legislative Compliance

Our easy-to-use legislative compliance feature helps you ensure compliance with country-specific employment legislation and H&S regulation.

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