Control labour cost while delivering outstanding service.

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Providing visibility of employees, costs and enabling complex scheduling across multiple sites. Softworks assist the services sector to control labour costs while still delivering outstanding levels of service. We assist organisations to optimise labour planning and scheduling, manage remote workers, introduce flexible working options, respond to legislation requirements, and manage planned and unplanned absences. Designed to address the sector’s unique requirements, Softworks Time & Attendance, Workforce Scheduling, Absence Management and Employee Self Service solutions provide a completely automated workforce environment with proactive, event driven actionable alerts and full reporting facilities as standard.

How Softworks can assist the Service Sector

  • Optimises workforce scheduling and deployment by aligning labour resources with customer and business demand.
  • Reduces operating costs by making optimal use of your existing workforce and minimising the need for overtime and temporary labour.
  • Improves productivity and quality by making informed real time decisions based on actual data.
  • Takes control of employee absences and manages holidays, overtime, time in lieu and sickness more efficiently.
  • Attracts, retains and motivates employees by giving them more control and input over their work schedules.
  • Assists you to ensure legislative compliance and health and safety requirements. Ensures compliance with county specific employment legislation.
  • Better management of overtime and absenteeism.
  • Elimination of paper & legacy computer systems.
  • Accurate representation of business rules.
  • Employee Self-service will lead to reduced administration and time spent entering data in multiple systems.
  • Detailed real time reporting to assist business strategy and plans. Self-service functionality.
  • Multiple methods of recording attendance including cards, biometrics and employee self-service app that includes GPS location if desired.
  • Increased accuracy of Time and Attendance files and reports.
  • Faster turnaround of queries from HR/Line Managers to employees.
  • More accurate transfer of working hours to Payroll.
  • Standardises the organisations policies and rules and formalises workflow authorisation.
  • Supports flexible and family-friendly working arrangements.

About Softworks

Our powerful Workforce Solutions are built and supported by our years of experience. We also have a proven ability to understand and address just about any workforce challenge across all major industries.


From start-ups to global operations our customers span multiple industry sectors and business sizes. We can provide you with cutting-edge Time & Attendance solutions, Scheduling, HR and Absence Management solutions


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