Employee Expense Management

Employee Expense Management Software lets you track, audit and report on expenses claimed by employees, departments or projects.

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  • · •Automate Expense Claim Processes
  • · •Allow Employees to Submit Expenses
  • · •Reduce Manual Errors
  • · •Track and Monitor Expenses
  • · •Standardise Expense Policies
  • · •Generate Reports

Softworks Employee Expense Management Software is a powerful tool that eliminates the laborious and costly task of manually collecting and processing paper expenses.

Allow your organisations to track, audit and report on expenses claimed by employees, departments or projects. Reduce the time spent in submitting expense sheets and speed up the reimbursement and approval process.

Benefits of Employee Expense Management Software



Automate expense claim processes, cut out time-consuming paperwork and reduce processing costs.

Expense Submission

Allow employees to enter their own expense details and enable management to approve or reject submitted requests via the same system.

Error Reduction

Reduce manual errors, increase accuracy and improve efficiency and productivity.


Track and monitor expenses by individual, group, department or project.


Allow your organisation to control and standardise various expense policies such as meal expenses, project expenses or travel & mileage expenses.


Generate reports quickly and easily for management intelligence as well as tax/audit purposes.

Expenses Types

Travel Expenses

Predefined multi-currencies – For the business traveller, predefined multi-currencies ensure there is no loss in exchange rates.

Defined limits – Ensure staff do not exceed set limits for specific expenses by establishing and defining limits or allowances.

Mileage Expenses

Captures mileage bands – Capture various mileage bands and rates and calculate the expense accordingly. Limits can be entered for particular employees and reports generated to highlight any exceptions to mileage limitations.

Meal Expenses

Automatic data capture – Reduce processing time by applying fixed expenses e.g. for employees who receive a daily fixed meal allowance or subsistence.

Project Expenses

Tracks billable expenses – Ensure projects do not exceed budget by using Softworks to keep track of billable expenses on a per project basis. Expenses can be easily viewed, approved, and amended.

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