Expense Management Software

Softworks Expense Management Software lets you track, audit and report on expenses claimed by employees, departments or projects.

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Expense Management Software

When time is money, eliminating “non-value-added” tasks can improve your bottom line. Softworks Expense Management Software reduces the time spent in submitting expense sheets and speeds up the reimbursement and approval process. Processing time is dramatically reduced as the Expense Management Software allows staff to enter their own expense details. It also includes workflow functionality to enable management to approve or reject submitted requests via the same system. Softworks Expense Management Software gives you complete control over company expenditure.

Softworks solution can assist you to:

Automate expense claim processes, cut out time-consuming paperwork and reduce processing costs.
Allow employees to enter their own expense details and the application also includes workflow functionality to enable management to approve or reject submitted requests via the same system.
Reduce manual errors, increase accuracy and improve efficiency and productivity.
Track and monitor expenses by individual, group, department or project.
Allow your organisation to control and standardise various expense policies such as; meal expenses, project expenses and travel & mileage expenses.
Generate reports quickly and easily for management information as well as tax/audit purposes.
Enable management to plan and allow for future expense requirements based on previous trends.

Capturing your best practices for expense control, Softworks Expense Management Software can track and monitor expenses by individual, group, department or project as well as expense type. The reporting tool allows management to generate reports quickly and easily. Not only useful for management information, they can also be beneficial for tax/audit purposes.

Expense Management Software

Cut down on time-consuming paperwork, reduce processing costs and improve accuracy in your employee expense management.

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It really is an excellent management tool and more importantly is very easy to use! Our weekly payroll process has now been reduced to a 1 day process which is incredible. The system saves us a huge amount of time, hassle & stress around audit time. Before ClockWise we used to dread the auditors coming because it would take us such a long time to get the documentation together, now all information is to hand by a simple click of an icon.

— TEVA Pharmaceutical


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