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Softworks solutions can integrate with all leading ERP, HR, Accounting and Payroll systems including ADP, Ceridian, Oracle, SAP, Workday, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics and more.

Softworks works with all leading ERP, HR, Accounting and Payroll Systems

Intelligent cloud technology that enables a seamless flow of information to and from internal existing systems.

The Softworks cloud Platform offers extensive workforce management capabilities together with real-time, live data collection, KPI’s and reporting that leverage your ERP, HR, Accounting and Payroll systems and improve the quality of your management information.

Our intelligent and automated Workforce Management Technology allows a secure and seamless flow of information to and from ERP, HR, Accounting and Payroll systems.

With Softworks Workforce Management Software you can:

  • Leverage and enhance your ERP, HR, Accounting and Payroll systems data stores
  • Unlock and distribute operational HR data in a secure environment to the business
  • Empower employees and managers with ready-to-deploy and training-free self-service tools to manage their working day
  • Utilize Localised Rule Engine
  • Easily manage and administer flexible and family-friendly working arrangements and a better work-life balance
  • Promote more efficient work scheduling, resulting in higher levels of productivity with less payroll
  • Use reporting and management tools to help reduce overtime and the use of contract staffing
  • Deliver actionable decision-making data to managers around absence, overtime and resource allocation
  • Enable top-down dynamic budgeting of labour hours and planning, from payroll to headcount
  • Localised in French, Spanish, and German

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