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Clocking Systems

Record and manage employee Time and Attendance with a Clocking Machine suitable for your unique requirements.

  • · •Accurate Time Recording
  • · •Improved Payroll Accuracy
  • · •Fairness and Transparency
  • · •Flexible Clocking Options
  • · •Real-time View of Attendance
  • · •Comprehensive Reporting
Softworks Emoloyee Clocking Systems Collection

Here’s what makes it great:

Accurate Time Tracking: Ensures precise logging of employee work hours and breaks.
Enhanced Payroll Accuracy: Improves payroll processing by eliminating manual tracking errors.
Fair and Transparent: Guarantees impartial recording of work hours for all employees.
Flexible Clocking Options: Provides a variety of clocking methods, including biometric and mobile app-based solutions.
Real-Time Attendance Data: Delivers immediate information on employee attendance.
Detailed Workforce Reports: Offers in-depth reporting for effective attendance and labor management.

Available Clocking Systems

Benefits of Employee Clocking Systems


Accurate Working Time Recording

Clocking terminals allow employees to record their start-finish times accurately. Employees can also clock in and out for breaks to keep a precise record of all time worked.

Improved Payroll Accuracy

Clocking System eliminates errors associated with manual time tracking and ensures that an accurate time record is sent to Payroll. All this cuts down on admin time and saves money, while employees can be sure to be paid for all worked hours.

Fairness and Transparency

Recording working hours gives an unbiased record of employee working patterns giving a sense of justice and reassurance.

Flexible Clocking Options

Choose from a variety of clocking options:
Face recognition terminal with fever detection
Fingerprint recognition terminal
– Card or a Key Fob Proximity clocks
Desktop and Mobile App

Real-time View of Attendance

Stay on top of workforce management by having real-time information on employee attendance.

Comprehensive Reporting

Generate real-time, multi-dimensional reports and views. Softworks has over 1000 Reports and a suite of dynamic Dashboards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Clocking System?

A Clocking System, also known as a Time Clock System, is a solution that enables employees to record their clock-in and clock-out times accurately. It replaces traditional punch clocks or manual timekeeping methods with more efficient and automated processes. A Clocking System can utilize various technologies, such as biometric devices, proximity cards, key fobs, web-based clock-ins, or mobile applications, to capture and record employee attendance data.

How much does the Clocking System cost?

Softworks pricing is determined by the size of your organization, with a one-time implementation fee. To get a quote, please click here.

Can the system record clock-in and clock-out location?

Yes, Softworks Clocking Systems have the capability to record the clock-in and clock-out locations of employees. This is particularly useful for organizations with remote or mobile employees. The system uses GPS-based technology to track and record the location of employees when they clock in or out, providing additional verification and ensuring that employees are physically present at the designated location.

How long does it take to implement the Clocking System?

The implementation time for a Clocking System can vary depending on the complexity of your organization’s requirements and the specific features chosen. Generally, the implementation process involves activities such as software and/or hardware installation, configuration, integration with existing systems (if applicable), employee data setup, and training. To get an estimate – Contact Us!

What are the Different Types of Clocking Machines?

Clocking Machines come in various types to suit different organizational needs. Some common types include:

Biometric Clocking Machines: These machines use biometric technology, such as fingerprint scanners or facial recognition, to verify the identity of employees when clocking in or out.

Proximity Card Clocking Machines: These machines require employees to swipe a proximity card or key fob near a reader to record their attendance.

Web-Based Clocking Systems: Employees can clock in and out through the Softworks Employee Self-Service on their Desktop PC or through the Softworks Employee Self-Service App on their mobile.”

Is there an App for clocking in and out?

Yes, Softworks Employee Self-Service App allows employees to conveniently clock in and out using their smartphones or tablets. The App provides a user-friendly interface and includes additional features, such as viewing schedules, requesting time off, and accessing relevant work-related information. It enhances flexibility and accessibility for employees who may be working remotely or on the go.

Can employees clock in and out remotely?

Yes, Softworks Clocking System offers the flexibility for employees to clock in and out remotely. This is particularly useful for organizations with remote or mobile workers. Employees can clock in and out through the Softworks Employee Self-Service on their Desktop PC or through the Softworks Employee Self-Service App on their mobile.

Can the Clocking System integrate with 3rd party Payroll, ERP or HR systems?

Yes, Softworks Clocking System can integrate with 3rd party Payroll, ERP, and HR systems. These integrations facilitate seamless data exchange between different software solutions, eliminating the need for manual data entry and ensuring accurate and efficient payroll processing, resource allocation, and HR management.

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What We Do – The Softworks Story…

From Time and Attendance Tracking to a complete Workforce Management Solution…

What we have gained is better rostering, better control, comprehensive records, better reports and functionality to make changes or to test if proposed changes would work.

Bon Secours Health System

The automatic and to the minute Flexitime calculations and the automatic holiday calculations for employees have significantly reduced administration and manual tasks.


The System allows us to operate at multiple sites with the data being transferred to a central server.

Newbrook Nursing Home

Softworks has had a tremendous impact on the organization’s ability to be more efficient with time tracking, reporting, legislative compliance around confidentiality and privacy, and have better business outcomes.

Aids Committee of Toronto

Team leaders appreciate the fact that they can now plan more easily and that it’s much simpler to manage holidays and flexitime for their teams.

Fusion Antibodies

Employees find Softworks very user-friendly, they like the fact it’s easy to navigate and it’s updated in real-time, being able to check their clock cards and track actual time worked and bank time in lieu.

Aran Biomedical

Overall we are very happy with Softworks as it provides a much quicker and more accurate way of controlling everything from clock-in to wages payout and storing personnel information.


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