Employee Clocking Systems

Record and manage Employee Time and Attendance with a Clocking System designed for your unique requirements.

Biometric Clocking System Terminal

What is a Clocking System?

A clocking system allows employees to log their working start, finish times and breaks through the use of a clocking terminal.

What are the benefits of Employee Clocking Systems?

Accurate time recording: Clocking in and out allows employees to accurately record their start and finish times. Employees can also clock in and out for breaks if required so that an exact record of all time worked is kept.

Improved payroll accuracy: Clocking eliminates errors associated with manual time tracking, makes sure there is always an accurate record of working hours and makes payroll processing much easier. All of this cuts down on administrative time for HR, Payroll and line Managers while employees can be sure they’re paid for all standard and overtime hours worked.

Fairness and Transparency: In some organisations there can be a perception that some employees and departments work harder and longer than others. Recording working hours gives an unbiased record of employee working patterns so there’s a sense of justice and reassurance.

What type of Clocking Systems are available?

  • Touchless Biometric Terminal with fever recognition
  • Biometric Finger Clock
  • Proximity Clocks
  • Desktop PC clocking
  • Mobile phone clocking

If you’ve decided you’d like to implement a Time and Attendance management solution and you’d like your employees to clock in and out, the range of clocking options available can seem confusing but this is where Softworks expertise comes in. We’ll take you through the available options and help you select exactly the right Clocking System for your organisation’s unique requirements.

Not all of your employees may need to use the same clocking systems.. Employees may be based in different locations or in different working environments e.g. factory floor workers may need a robust option while office based staff may be able to use a tablet, desktop or even mobile option. Rest assured if you’re using clocking as part of your Time and Attendance Management, Softworks will make sure you’re using the correct Clocking System for you.

Choose from a full range of the latest solutions

Touchless Biometric Clock with fever recognition

These clocks have a high definition camera enabling employees to clock without touching the terminal. Include facial and palm recognition, combined with an infrared sensor for real-time temperature detection.

Biometric Fingerprint Clock
Biometric Finger Clock

Easy to install and with a modern design, it is the perfect solution for all installations. No need for badges, fobs or cards that are easy to lose and hard to manage. Ensures 100% reliability and eliminates "buddy punching".

Proximity Time Clocks

Proximity Time Clocks record an employee’s presence from a short distance away through a card or key fob.

Desktop PC Clocking

Employees can clock in and out on their own Desktop or a centrally located group PC using their unique username and password. Desktop PC clocking is a highly secure solution – all that’s required is web access.

Mobile Clocking for Android or iPhones

Softworks web-based mobile clocking solution uses Softworks Employee Self-Service App to allow employees to securely clock in and out. Employees can clock while working remotely or if they are off-site with clients.

Time and Attendance Software

Find out how Softworks employee Time and Attendance Software helps reduce costs, eliminate time consuming administrative tasks and improve employee engagement.


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