Clocking Systems

Record and manage employee Time and Attendance with a Clocking Machine suitable for your unique requirements.

  • · •Accurate Time Recording
  • · •Improved Payroll Accuracy
  • · •Fairness and Transparency
  • · •Flexible Clocking Options
  • · •Real-time View of Attendance
  • · •Comprehensive Reporting

A clocking system allows employees to log their working start-finish times and breaks through the use of a clocking machine terminal. It is an accurate way to record employee working time in a form of hardware or software solutions.

The system consists of a hardware unit placed at your premises and/or a software App on mobile or desktop. Employees can easily clock in or out at the building entrance or through the mobile App if they are working remotely.

Available Clocking Systems

Benefits of Employee Clocking Systems


Accurate Working Time Recording

Clocking terminals allow employees to record their start-finish times accurately. Employees can also clock in and out for breaks to keep a precise record of all time worked.

Improved Payroll Accuracy

Clocking System eliminates errors associated with manual time tracking and ensures that an accurate time record is sent to Payroll. All this cuts down on admin time and saves money, while employees can be sure to be paid for all worked hours.

Fairness and Transparency

Recording working hours gives an unbiased record of employee working patterns giving a sense of justice and reassurance.

Flexible Clocking Options

Choose from a variety of clocking options:
Face recognition terminal with fever detection
Fingerprint recognition terminal
– Card or a Key Fob Proximity clocks
Desktop and Mobile App

Real-time View of Attendance

Stay on top of workforce management by having real-time information on employee attendance.

Comprehensive Reporting

Generate real-time, multi-dimensional reports and views. Softworks has over 1000 Reports and a suite of dynamic Dashboards.

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