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Biometric Clocking Systems

Softworks Biometric Clocking Systems are an accurate way to record and monitor employee Time and Attendance and a secure way to control building access.

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  • · •Accurate Time Record
  • · •Improved Payroll Accuracy
  • · •Fairness and Transparency
  • · •Flexible Clocking Options
  • · •Real-time View of Attendance
  • · •Comprehensive Reporting

Biometric Clocking Systems provide an accurate record of employee Time and Attendance and secure means of controlling access to your organisation. A popular alternative to swipe cards, keys or fobs due to their accuracy.

Biometric Clocking Solutions use terminals that match employees’ unique features such as their fingerprint or face to those recorded in the biometric device’s memory. A positive match enables the person to register their attendance or to gain access to a building. The systems can be installed as a stand-alone solution or as a fully integrated module within the suite of Softworks Workforce Management Solutions.


Benefits of Biometric Clocking Systems


Accurate Employee Clocking

Enable employees to clock in and out with ease and have an accurate record of their worked time. Provide better security and remove dishonest practices such as “buddy punching”.

Improved Payroll Accuracy

Improve payroll accuracy – transmit employee hours directly to the employee timesheet and eliminate errors associated with manual data input.

Fairness and Transparency

Biometric recording of working hours gives an unbiased record of employee working patterns giving a sense of justice and reassurance.

Flexible Clocking Options

Choose from below options:
Biometric Face Recognition with fever detection
Biometric Fingerprint Recognition

Real-time View of Attendance

Stay on top of workforce managementd by having real-time information on employee attendance.

Comprehensive Reporting

Utilize a suite of real-time and multi-dimensional reports and views.

Enhanced Device Security with Anti-tamper Module.

5″ HD

Colourful IPS screen ensures the best interaction and user experience and provides clear notifications to users.

Facial Recognition

facedeep thermal
facedeep IRT

Wi-Fi Function allows for stable wireless communication and flexible installation of equipment.

Temperature Screening

IRT Temperature Detection Camera specifically designed to rapidly scan users with elevated body temperature.


3.5-inch colour TFT screen.


TCP/IP, USB (Host).

Fingerprint Time Clock

Biometric Finger Clock
Power Supply

DC 5V 1.5A.


Most used European languages.

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