Softworks biometric time and attendance solutions are a secure & accurate means of recording an employee’s time, attendance & access control and can be touchless and include fever recognition.

Touchless Biometric Clock with Fever Recognition


Biometrics technology is a secure and accurate means of recording and monitoring an employee’s working hours and access control, without the need for plastic cards, personal ID cards, keys or passwords. Biometric devices work by matching a person’s features to those recorded in the device’s memory, meaning the employees in your organisation use their finger, hand or face to register their attendance or gain access to a building. Softworks biometric solutions are a very popular alternative to swipe cards or fobs due to their accuracy.

Softworks Biometrics solution can assist you to:

Easily enable employees to clock-in and clock-out.
Authorise, monitor, report on and manage access to your premises via scanning of finger, face or hand.
Provide better security and remove dishonest practices such as “buddy punching”.
Improve payroll processing and eliminate the costs/mistakes which occur in manual data input.
Offer convenience to your employees, no need to remember cards, fobs or passwords.
Control access to restricted areas within a building or premises and ensure that valuable equipment and sensitive information are fully protected.

Our Biometric Solutions include touchless clocks with fever recognition – features include:

High definition camera for contactless facial and palm recognition.
Infrared sensor for real-time temperature detection.
Facial detection with or without face masks. Alerts if a mask is being worn incorrectly.
3-in-1 contactless palm recognition. (Palm Shape, Palm Print and Palm Vein)
Ability to manage up to 30,000 facial templates.
Recognition speed of less than 0.3 seconds per face.
Anonymous thermal scanning and temperature detection for visitors.
Integrates with Softworks Time & Attendance, eRostering, Absence Management & Access Control.

With security a top priority these days, organisations welcome the increased security that biometrics provides. Biometric access control can provide additional safety for employees as it ensures that only authorised employees can enter/unlock doors and all activity can be monitored. It can also improve payroll accuracy as the solution records payroll hours faster and more accurately than manual time-accounting systems. Biometric solutions ensure that payroll information is transmitted correctly to the payroll department and that the exact time worked, including overtime, is recorded properly. With a biometric system you can eliminate mistakes inherent in manual data input. Softworks Biometric Access Control can be installed as a stand-alone solution or as a fully integrated module within the suite of Softworks workforce solutions.


Softworks Touchless Biometric Clocks with fever recognition are the ideal solution for ensuring the health and safety of your employees and visitors.

Face and palm verification and fever detection terminal

I just wanted to compliment Softworks and to say a big thank you from us. Your trainer Katie came in and completed a half-day training session with two of our team. They said they had never enjoyed or gotten more from a training session.

—Liz Doyle

HR Manager, Bewleys


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