eRostering and Labour Scheduling

Eliminate paper based rosters and reduce the errors associated with manually prepared schedules withSoftworks eRostering and Labour Scheduling solutions.

eRostering and Labour Scheduling

Softworks eRostering/Labour Scheduling solutions are particularly popular with industries including; healthcare, retail, hospitality, manufacturing and services. Unlike traditional scheduling software, Softworks solutions can manage rosters across your entire organisation, enabling effective scheduling and management of staff across all job functions, departments, teams and multiple locations.

Our rostering / scheduling solutions enable supervisors and managers to accurately create rosters that align labour with forecasted demand, while adhering to company policies and regulatory compliance. One person too many on a roster is a costly mistake and in many cases can mean the difference between profit and loss. With Softworks Solutions you can pre-plan your rosters to optimise your cost revenue ratios.

Softworks eRostering and Labour Scheduling solutions can assist you to:

    • Eliminate paper based rosters and reduce the errors associated with manually prepared schedules.
    • Plan shifts; manage absences and view employee total hours & costs.
    • Cost out rosters/schedules and compare them to forecasted revenue and payroll costs.
    • Align employee supply with customer demand.
    • Allow employees’ greater control over their rostering and organisation of their work.
    • Streamline and automate processes.
    • Anticipate staffing levels for a similar period and ensure you have adequate skilled staff assigned.
    • Map employee tasks with skills & constraints including gender balancing, languages, years of service & seniority.
    • Automatically assign tasks to employees using fairness engine including; weekend work, public holiday & employee preferences.
    • Show accurate costing for the allocation including premium rates or any overtime rules.
    • Show new starters, leavers, show any planned absences that may affect that selection.


The Softworks suite offers a range of rostering/scheduling capabilities depending on your individual requirements; from simple shift based rosters to complex demand driven workforce requirements. The choice is yours.