Rostering / Employee Scheduling Software

Automated Employee Scheduling / eRostering – save time, reduce costs and ensure regulatory compliance while delivering exceptional service.

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· •Plan and Automate Shifts and Rosters
· •Cost out Rosters and Shift Patterns
· •Optimise Rosters to match expected Demand
· •Automatically Assign Tasks
· •Give Employees Control over Rostering
· •Eliminate Paper-based Rosters

Having the right people with the right skills in the right place at the right time is key to the success of your organisation, but it can be a complex and time-consuming task. This is why Softworks Employee Scheduling Software provides an automated employee scheduling solution that considers ideal staffing levels, skills required and compliance requirements.

Benefits of Employee Scheduling Software

Plan and Automate Shifts and Rosters

Schedule available employees into shifts and rotas with ease. Manage absences, and oversee employee total hours and costs. Align employee scheduling with work demand.

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Cost out Rosters and Shift Patterns

Show accurate costing for the allocation, including premium rates or any overtime rules.

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Automatically Assign Tasks

Assign tasks that consider employee preferences and fairness of shift distribution – bank holidays, weekends and night shifts.

Map employee tasks with skills & constraints – gender balancing, languages, years of service & seniority.

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React to unforeseen situations and Futureproof

Fill any staffing gaps. Send triggers via email and text message to available staff and request them to fill the shift.

Anticipate staffing levels for a similar period and ensure you have adequate skilled staff assigned.

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Give Employees greater Control over Rostering

Give employees control over their rostering preferences. Enable them to check their rosters with ease by using the Softworks Employee Self-Service App.

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Eliminate Paper-based Rosters

Save time and money and reduce errors associated with manually prepared paper-based schedules.

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