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When factoring in employee availability, sick days, weekend shifts etc, it can be difficult to manage and monitor staff even for small to medium-sized companies. Smart intuitive rostering software can help eliminate these problems. Rostering software helps to improve employee satisfaction, reduce overspending and ensure that you are always fully staffed at the right time across your entire organization.

It’s hard to evaluate all the variables that should go into a well-organized timetable. Staff availability, salary, budgets, and the needs of each department are all factors that must be considered. If you fail to make the appropriate decisions, you could end up with a huge workload trying to placate angry staff, budgeting and wage issues etc.

These are issues that no modern company should have to deal with, and you don’t have to. Companies such as Softworks produce and provide easy-to-use, adjustable and modern rostering software for businesses of all sizes. You can organise the scheduling process without having to cope with complicated rosters anymore.

Several reasons why rostering software is beneficial to your business:

Reduced Labour Costs

Automated rostering can help you save money on labour costs. Over or understaffing key areas can cost businesses money. Businesses most worry about overtime and weekend wage increases. These issues are minimised with rostering software as employee data can be input automatically and notifications sent to relevant employees ensuring the right number of staff is available when required.

Should staff members need time off or to take a sick day rostering software can take this into account ensuring that an alternate employee is available.

By having the right number of staff, you reduce stress, overwork and improve productivity.

Adherence to pre-arranged agreements

Businesses that have struck agreements with unions or other employee bodies are always treading a fine line between conformity and infringement when scheduling appropriate workdays and holidays etc. This can cause a slew of problems for management at all levels.

Advanced rostering software can be configured to mirror a contract’s criteria. This ensures government institutions such as hospitals and other vital service providers are both taken care of by their institutions and that these institutions are following agreed-upon guidelines.

This of course is not always possible, but rostering software goes a long way in assisting in such important deals.

Preventing Worker Burnout

When someone requires a day off or fails to show up for work, every company has people who are eager to pick up the slack. Continually relying on the same people might lead to burnout and tiredness.
Substitute choices can be found using automated tools. You don’t have to rely on the same people all the time. Workers can stay productive by avoiding weariness and excessive stress.

Reduced absenteeism

Absenteeism is considerably reduced in businesses that use rostering software. This is because the software takes your employee availability into account.

A flexible schedule and an opportunity where an employee can confirm his/her presence are highly viable. Manually implementing these changes puts a strain on your HR department and management. Errors can also arise. Employees might get slotted while they are not available.

One of the most prevalent employee complaints is being forced to work when they are not available. It hurts employee morale and productivity.

Companies that use the right rostering software give their employees the ability to highlight availability.

When a timetable clashes with an employee’s listed availability, managers will be notified. You can reduce absenteeism by satisfying the requirements of your employees. When an employee’s schedule corresponds to their availability, they are less likely to cancel or arrive late.

This is a perfect tool for employees working shifts or unusual hours, though it can be adopted for regular working shifts also.

Improved employee satisfaction

Your employees will be pleased with the effective shift pattern and proper planning. Better organization, appropriate workloads, and adjusting shift requests all contribute to your employees’ satisfaction.

Making a timetable that incorporates a fair allocation of time and employee desires can be made much easier with rostering software. This applies to both the scheduling of shifts and the scheduling of breaks in between. You’ll see an increase in morale because of careful planning.

Employees will also appreciate having additional scheduling flexibility. They can keep track of their attendance and see their upcoming schedules without difficulty. As a result, your HR team will have more time to work on more pressing employee matters.

Improved Service Quality

This can also lead to a higher level of service quality. In the hospitality and healthcare industries, this is especially true. You’re less likely to experience an understaffed shift. Employees are better able to address the demands of patients or consumers as a result.

There’s also the benefit of combining the previously mentioned benefits. The improved morale and productivity, as well as the lower absenteeism, all contribute to better service.

Better Management Control

Management control is strengthened using automatic rostering software. Managers will have real-time access to scheduling data. They can determine if a shift is fully covered right away and foresee any scheduling concerns.

Supervisors can make timely judgments based on the most accurate and up-to-date information. They can also avoid scheduling an employee for overtime or over an estimated budget.

It is also possible to monitor employee patterns in terms of lateness, missed days scheduling conflicts etc.

Salary and attendance calculations

Some rostering software even integrates with payroll to automatically determine individual workers’ wages, including bonuses, taxes withholdings etc.

Integrate such software with your existing tools for accurate projections and payments. By having all your data digitized it is also much easier to identify errors and resolve disputes.

Rostering software is just one aspect of overall employee and workflow relations. It’s important to have the right tools and strategies on your side to improve business productivity and employee relations.

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