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All-In-One software for Hospital Workforce Management with Staff Scheduling, Time and Attendance, Absence Management, HR Management and many other functionalities.

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  • · •Create and Optimise Rosters
  • · •Automate Workforce Administration
  • · •Reduce Overtime and Absenteeism
  • · •Increase Employee Engagement
  • · •Maximise Productivity and Cut Costs
  • · •Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Softworks helps Hospitals deliver high-quality and cost-effective care while focusing on your most important resource – your people. Our software is specifically designed for Hospital Employee Scheduling, Time and Attendance, Flexible Working, Absence Management and more with integration into all major HR and Payroll systems.

We provide a completely automated workforce management solution to help you manage complex rostering, drive efficiencies, cut costs, reduce absenteeism and ensure regulatory compliance.

Benefits of Workforce Management Systems

Screenshot of Softworks Workforce Management Software together with Softworks Self-Service App shown on mobile, and Facial Recognition Clocking Device next to it.

Areas We Help


Time and Attendance

Build a clear picture of staff working time through a suite of detailed dashboards and reports on attendance, absenteeism, overtime, flexi-balances, rostering & annual leave.

Employee Scheduling

Manage and optimise rosters across the entire hospital. Enable effective scheduling and management of staff across all job functions, wards, teams and multiple locations. Schedule staff according to patient acuity and needs.

Absence Management

Manage all leave types like sick leave, annual leave or maternity in a simple and efficient way. Automate the absence management process and send leave information directly to Payroll.

Employee Clocking Terminals


Employee Self-Service Portal and Mobile App

A simple Employee Self-Service solution that enables employees to check rosters, clock in and out, request holidays, manage personal information and much more. Available on mobile or desktop.

HR Management

A complete HR system for employee information tracking and management. Securely store and manage employee information like employment details and personal information. Alternatively, integrate with your existing HR system.

Skills Management

Make sure employee Skills, Training and Certification are up to date. Monitor training needs and manage employee learning requirements. Includes automated alerts when employee training or certifications are due to expire.

Action Manager

A single screen that allows managers to act upon any outstanding tasks, such as holiday requests, missed clocking and overtime approval.

Legislative Compliance

Our easy-to-use legislative compliance feature helps you ensure compliance with country-specific employment legislation and H&S regulation.

Hospital Clocking Systems

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