Learning and Skills Management Software

Softworks Learning and Skills Management Software helps you track and manage employee skills, training, qualifications and learning requirements.

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  • · •Plan and Track Training
  • · •Reduce Administration
  • · •Ensure Training Completion
  • · •Monitor Certification and Licensing
  • · •Automate Training Schedules
  • · •Generate Reports

Softworks Learning and Skills Management module assists organisations to track employees’ skills, training and qualifications. It is designed to handle the complex and time-consuming administrative elements associated with employee skills management.

Make sure that you always have the right people, with the right skills doing the right jobs at the right time.

Benefits of Learning and Skills Management


Plan Employee Training

Plan future employee training requirements according to the business needs.

Track Employee Training

Monitor and track employee training progress to ensure on-time completion and identify possible issues.

Reduce Admin Time

Managers can be confident that information is accurate and up to date, so less time will be spent on tracking skills and training.

Budget & Schedule

Facilitate the tighter management of training budgets and optimisation of training schedules for maximum value.

Ensure Training Completion

Ensure that all employees receive and complete the required training for the efficient execution of their role, in line with compliance and certification requirements of regulated industries.

Monitor Certification and Licensing

Monitor on the job certification and licensing and assign training required for regulatory approval.

Have Up-To-Date Information

Ensure you have up-to-date information on courses, administrators, trainers, contracts & venues.


Automate training schedules from course invitation to approval and acceptance. Enable managers to enrol and assign employees on a schedule for a given course module for a specific date, time and location.

Generate Reports

Generate reports on skills, qualifications and competency levels.

Key Capabilities


Allows planning and tracking of training


Track training progress and completion


Identifies training needs and assists with planning


Enables recording of the training for audit purposes


Advanced reporting and analytics


Enables storage of training evaluation data


Receive Alerts when employee skills or training are due to expire


Reports on the level of expertise within the organisation

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