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Building Access Control

Authorise, monitor, report on and manage access to your building.

Access Control solutions - Map interface
  • · •Control Access to your buildings
  • · •Improve Security
  • · •Speed up the Evacuation Process
  • · •Control Access to sensitive areas
  • · •Protect valuable Equipment and Information
  • · •Run Access Reports in Real-time

Softworks Building Access Control Systems allow you to authorise, monitor, report on and manage access to your building.

Integrate with a range of hardware options to deliver a sophisticated approach to facilities management and security. Hardware options include access control solutions like Biometric Turnstiles and Biometric Barriers. Install as a standalone solution or fully integrate with other Softworks Workforce Solutions, including Time and Attendance SoftwareEmployee Scheduling Software and HR Management Software.

Employees can be given access to secured areas through several different methods. In a clocking environment, clock-in cards can be used, while in a non-clocking environment, access cards or biometric readers.

Benefits of Softworks Building Access Control


Control Access to your buildings

Control access to your buildings/premises for authorised employees, visitors, contractors etc.

Improve Security

Choose from a range of access management technologies, including RFID, Bar Code, Magnetic Stripe, Proximity, MIFARE, Biometric (Facial, Finger or Hand) and Smart Card readers.

Speed up the Evacuation process

Speed up the evacuation process in an emergency and quickly account for employees on the premises.

Control Access to sensitive areas

Control access to and monitor activity within sensitive areas for security and health and safety purposes.

Protect valuable Equipment and Information

Protect valuable equipment and sensitive information stored on your premises.

Run Flexible Access Reports

Run real-time reports on employee whereabouts and note all accesses and violations.



Manage within your browser


3D/2D Building Visualisation


3rd Party Hardware Integration for Cameras & Devices


Manage across multiple sites

Verifiable Access

Verifiable Access Audit trail

Door Access Rights and Schedules

Pre-allocate access rights to individual areas and within specific time bands

Personnel Details

Store contact information for employees, contractors and visitors alike

Exception Reports

Highlight exceptions and violations. Identify the use of non-standard badges and attempted access to restricted areas

Frequently Asked Questions

What is building access control?

Building access control refers to the authorization, monitoring, reporting, and management of access to a building or premises.

Softworks Building Access Control Systems provide solutions to control access, enhance security, and manage entry to different areas within a building or facility.

How much does the Softworks Building Access Control System cost?

The cost of a building access control system can vary depending on factors such as the size of the building, the number of access points, the chosen hardware and technology, and any additional integration requirements.

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How long does it take to implement building access control system?

The implementation time for a building access control system can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the building’s layout, the number of access points, the integration requirements, and the readiness of the organization.

Softworks provides efficient implementation processes, but specific timelines would be determined based on the project scope and requirements.

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Can the system run Access Reports?

Yes, the building access control system provided by Softworks can run real-time access reports.

These reports provide insights into employee whereabouts, access events, violations, and exceptions. They help organizations monitor access activities and maintain security protocols effectively.

Can the system integrate with cameras and other devices?

Yes, Softworks Building Access Control Systems can integrate with cameras and other devices.

This integration enables comprehensive security and monitoring capabilities by capturing video footage and linking access events with visual records. Integration with other devices allows for enhanced security management and streamlined operations.

Can the system store contact information for employees, contractors and visitors?

Yes, the building access control system by Softworks can store contact information for employees, contractors, and visitors.

This feature enables efficient management and tracking of individuals accessing the building. Storing contact information allows for easy identification and communication with authorized personnel and visitors.

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