Entrance/Access Control

Complete verifiable & auditable control over access to your facilities.


Softworks Access and Entrance Control solutions allow you to authorise, monitor, report on and manage access to your building. We integrate with a host of hardware options and deliver a powerful integrated approach to facilities management and security. Our solutions are very flexible and have been designed to assist you to control both individuals entering and/or leaving your premises, along with controlled access to restricted areas within your building/premises. Employees can be given access to secured areas through a number of different methods. In a clocking environment, employees may use the same cards they use to record their working hours. In an organisation where employees do not clock-in, employees can be issued with access cards or can use biometric readers.

Softworks Entrance/Access Control solutions can assist you to:

    • Control access to your buildings/premises for authorised employees, visitors, contractors etc.
    • Improve security and keeps intruders out. Choose from a range of access management technologies including; RFID, Bar Code, Magnetic Stripe, Proximity, Mifare, Biometric (Facial, Finger or Hand), Smart card readers.
    • Speed up the evacuation process in an emergency situation and enable you to quickly account for employees on the premises.
    • Control access to and monitor activity within sensitive areas for health and safety purposes.
    • Run flexible reports in real-time on employee whereabouts and note all accesses and violations.
    • Protect your valuable equipment and sensitive information stored on your premises.

Entrance Control

Softworks can supply Entrance Control Systems including:

    • Biometric Flap Barriers – Single lane and double wing flap barriers with RFID Access Control System and/or Fingerprint.
    • Biometric Swing Barrier – The perfect solution for barrier-free access. Provides bilateral electric control and integrates access control devices including RFID, Fingerprint, Face and Vein Devices.
    • Biometric Full Height Turnstile – Full Height Turnstile with Fingerprint and RFID Access Control System. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use.
    • Tripod Turnstiles – High performance compact and cost-effective multi-purpose turnstiles. Control access via RFID Reader and Controller and/or Biometric identification.