HR Management

Streamline HR processes & reduce time-consuming admin tasks with Softworks HR Management solution.

HR Management

At the heart of Softworks is a very comprehensive Human Resource core application which can be used as a stand-alone HR Management application or to complement an existing HR system. This module streamlines HR process and has powerful workflow capabilities and reporting functionality that can greatly reduce time-consuming data entry and administrative tasks. Human Resource Managers and HR Staff can access personnel details, employment, time and attendance, absence and skills information fast and efficiently.

Softworks HR Management gives your Human Resource department the tools and processes they need to be efficient and responsive when dealing with employee queries. HR staff can quickly adjust to changing business and regulatory requirements, streamline administrative tasks and control workforce management costs. They can be confident that information is accurate, up to date and considerably less time will be spent on administration allowing them to focus on other aspects of their role. Softworks HR solution that includes auto generated emails will assist your organisation reduce manual tasks, eliminate unnecessary paper, improve speed of response and reduce errors.

Softworks solution can assist you to:

    • Access personnel details, payroll, employment, time & attendance and skills information fast and efficiently.
    • Automate processes and streamline administrative tasks.
    • Control and report on workforce management costs.
    • Be as efficient and responsive as possible when dealing with employee queries.
    • Quickly adjust to changing business, regulatory and health & safety requirements.
    • Ensure HR information is accurate and up to date.
    • Auto-generate emails thereby eliminating paper, improving response time and reducing errors when dealing with employee queries.
    • Generate detailed reports.


Softworks HR management solution includes over 200 user definable fields that can be sorted and reported upon which provides phenomenal reporting options through combining information from computerised time-sheets with the data held in the personnel details.