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HR Software

Securely store and manage employee personal information, employment records, details on skills and training, payroll, benefits and more.

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  • · •Automate HR processes
  • · •Improve Efficiency
  • · •Centralise Employee Information
  • · •Ensure Regulatory Compliance
  • · •Report in Real-time
  • · •Manage Skills and Training
  • · •Keep Track of Company Assets
  • · •Improve Employee Engagement

At the heart of Softworks Workforce Management Software is a cloud-based HR Software module. It is a central area to securely store and manage employee personnel information, employment records, details on skills and training, payroll, benefits and more.

In combination with Softworks modules like Time and Attendance, Employee Scheduling, Reporting, Alerts and Workflows, it provides a powerful tool kit for employee workforce management.

Benefits of Softworks HR software

Automate HR Management and Improve Efficiency

Automate processes and reduce the admin time. Allow HR staff to better allocate their time. Create email reminders and alerts for upcoming deadlines and important tasks.

Employees can update their personal information through Employee Self-Service App on Desktop or Mobile.

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Centralise and Store Employee Information

Centralise, securely store and organise employee documents and information, including personal details, benefits, contracts, performance appraisals, skills, payroll and more.

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Report in Real-time

Run real-time reports with 200 user-definable fields that can be sorted and reported upon.

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Manage Skills and Training

Keep track of which employees have training in which skill. Receive automated alerts when skills are close to expiry.

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Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Stay on top of regulatory compliance by using Alerts and Workflows for important events such as skills expiry dates and health and safety training.

Ensure full GDPR/Data Protection compliance by assigning different access levels to the HR Software for different users.

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Improve Employee Engagement

Allow employees to update and view their personal information through Employee Self-Service App on desktop or mobile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is HR Software?

HR Software is a central area to securely store and manage employee personnel information, employment records, details on skills and training, payroll, benefits and more.

How much does the HR Software cost?

Softworks pricing is determined by the size of your organization, with a one-time implementation fee. To get a quote, please click here.

Who uses HR Software?

HR Software is utilized by a wide range of organizations across different industries and sectors. It is commonly used by businesses of all sizes, including small businesses, medium-sized enterprises, and large corporations. Additionally, public sector entities, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and nonprofit organizations can benefit from using HR Software to effectively manage their human resources and streamline HR processes.

How long does it take to implement HR Software?

The duration of HR Software implementation can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the organization’s requirements and the size of the workforce. It involves activities such as software installation, data migration, configuration, customization, integration with existing systems (if applicable), and training for administrators and users. To get an estimate – Contact Us!

Is HR Software GDPR and Privacy Shield compliant?

Softworks HR Software is GDPR and Privacy Shield compliant and also certified under ISO 27001:2013 – Proving Our Commitment to Information Security.

Can HR software manage organizations with more than 1000 staff?

Yes, Softworks HR Software is designed to manage organizations with a large number of staff, including those with more than 1000 employees. The scalability of our HR Software ensures it can effectively handle the complexities of managing HR processes, employee data, and HR-related tasks for organizations of different sizes. It can accommodate the needs of both small businesses and enterprise-level companies.

How can employees view and update their personal information?

Softworks Employee Self-Service Portal and App can be used by employees to view and update their personal information. Employees can securely access their profiles and make changes to personal details such as contact information, emergency contacts, and more. This empowers employees to maintain accurate and up-to-date personal information, reducing the administrative burden on HR staff.

Can HR software produce reports?

Yes, Softworks HR Software provides robust reporting capabilities. It can generate a wide range of reports related to employee data, performance, training, compliance, and more. These reports offer valuable insights into HR metrics, trends, and analytics, enabling HR professionals and management to make informed decisions and support strategic planning.

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