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Securely store and manage employee personnel information, employment records, details on skills and training, payroll, benefits and more.

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Softworks HR Management Software

At the heart of Softworks Workforce Management software is a comprehensive HR Software module giving you a central area to securely store and manage employee personnel information, employment records, details on skills and training, payroll, benefits and more.

Combined with the power of Softworks Time and Attendance, Employee Scheduling, Reporting,  Alerts and Workflows this gives you another powerful tool for workforce management. Our HR Management software is cloud-based so you can work flexibly wherever you are and can also be used to complement your existing HR Software.

How does HR Management Software help your business?

  • Accurate employee information: Securely store and organise documents and information related to your employees including personal details, benefits, contracts, performance appraisals, skills, payroll, checklists for new hires and leavers and more.
  • Save time and reduce costs: By automating processes and reducing the amount of time needed for administration, our HR Management Software makes it possible for HR staff and managers to better allocate their time to more productive activities that will add real value to your organisation.
  • Improve efficiency: Help your managers manage more effectively. Use Softworks Alerts and Workflows to create email reminders and customisable alerts to notify them of upcoming deadlines such as the end of probation periods or annual performance reviews or important tasks that require attention such as absence request approvals or return to work interviews.
  • Easily manage compliance: Stay on top of regulatory compliance by using Alerts and Workflows for important events such as skills expiry dates and health and safety training. To ensure full GDPR compliance access to the HR Management Software is controlled by user profiles so while your HR team may be able to view all areas, individual managers will only see those fields or documents that are absolutely necessary.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Softworks HR Management Software includes over 200 user-definable fields that can be sorted and reported upon which provides phenomenal reporting options to give you a clear picture of your organisation.
  • Keep track of company assets: Store details on equipment or company assets allocated to your employees e.g. laptops, company cars, mobile phones, etc.
  • Simplify Skills and Training Management: Keep track of which employees have been trained in which skill. Receive automated alerts when skills are close to expiry so you can organise training and ensure employees can continue to work safely in their roles.
  • Improve Employee Engagement: Employees can update changes in their personal information through their Employee Self-Service App on desktop or mobile.

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