Alerts and Workflow Module

Easily set up rules for triggered and timed alerts to remind your managers of activities they need tocarry out with Softworks Alerts and Workflow Module.

Alerts and Workflow Module

Softworks Alerts and Workflow solution ensures you always have accurate, real-time employee information to hand so you can take appropriate action. The solution saves you time by automatically delivering information when and where it is needed. Use this solution to remind yourself or your managers of approaching deadlines, to benchmark performance of one department against another, to improve decision-making and to save time.

Softworks solution includes both Triggered and Timed alerts.

Triggered Alerts – A triggered alert enables an action to be taken when a particular event has occurred. Depending on your policies, you determine the actions because you know what information you want immediate access to. For example you may want to schedule an alert if there is a sudden increase in sickness absence, overtime or a violation to working time legislation.

Timed Tasks – A timed task is a task that is configured to run at certain intervals e.g. daily, weekly, monthly etc. Timed tasks could be used to automatically generate reports areas such as; punctuality checks, monthly absence figures or weekly overtime reports.

Softworks Alerts and Workflow solution can assist you to:

    • Push messages and alerts to your managers and supervisors rather than waiting for them to react or remember to check absent or late employees etc.
    • Deliver and receive urgent, event triggered alerts or timed tasks regarding employee time keeping, overtime, absences etc. enabling you / managers to make important decisions immediately.
    • Easily set up rules for triggered and timed alerts to remind your managers of activities they need to carry out. For example; carry out return-to-work interviews, approve timesheets, run weekly / monthly reports etc.
    • Automate tasks by responding to Time and Attendance events e.g. an absence and reacting to that event by sending an email or by generating a report.
    • Give employees and managers the ability to add, view and delete tasks for themselves, ensuring they always have access to the information that is important to them.