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Project Tracking Software: ProjectWise is a project management software from Softworks that helps maintain control over projects and related expenses
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Project Tracking

Allocates activity to project, departments & cost centres.

Project Tracking

Softworks Project Tracking & Timesheets solution can assist you to easily track employee time, activity, budget and costs to projects. Our solution reduces administration and automates processes thereby assisting you to maintain full and profitable control over every aspect of your project and its related expenses. We remove the guesswork to ensure that all time spent on a project is accounted for by capturing all aspects of a project from inception to completion.

Softworks Project Tracking & Timesheets solution can assist you to:

    • Track employee time, activity & costs to projects.
    • Keep projects within budget.
    • Reduce loss of unaccountable hours & profitability.
    • Provide daily/weekly views of all current projects and jobs.
    • Generate real-time, multi-dimensional reports and views.
    • Deliver management full visibility and maximum control.
    • Automate the process through real-time reporting.
    • Send email alerts to ensure employees complete timesheets on time with inbuilt escalation process after specified period.
    • Ensure internal & external compliance including; management reporting, tax claims, grant applications & corporate governance.


Softworks project tracking solution integrates with our time & attendance and scheduling Solutions thereby providing you with a total solution from time and billing to overtime management, holiday/absence tracking and manpower planning.