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Project Tracking Software

Softworks Project Tracking Software helps you easily track employee time, activity, budget and cost by project.

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  • · •Keep Projects within Budget
  • · •Track Employee Time, Activity & Costs to Projects
  • · •Generate and Automate Real-time Reports
  • · •Give Management full Visibility and Control
  • · •Implement Workflow Alerts and Notifications
  • · •Ensure Internal & External Compliance

Softworks Project Tracking App can be used as an independent tool or with other modules of your Softworks Workforce Management Software like Time and Attendance, Employee Scheduling or Absence Management. It helps you reduce administration, automate processes and keep control over projects and their related expenses. Remove the guesswork and ensure that all time spent on a project is accounted for.

Benefits of Softworks Project Tracking Software

  • Track employee time, activity & costs to projects.
  • Keep projects within the budget.
  • Reduce loss of unaccountable hours & profitability.
  • Provide daily/weekly views of all current projects and jobs.
  • Generate real-time, multi-dimensional reports and views.
  • Give management complete visibility and maximum control.
  • Automate the process through real-time reporting.
  • Send email alerts to ensure employees complete timesheets on time.
  • Ensure internal & external compliance.
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Generate a range of Real-time Reports


Project Status Report

Real-time data enabling you to make informed decisions and keep projects under control.

Actual Hours vs. Budgeted Hours Report

Compare budgeted hours to actual hours and keep projects within the budget.

Project Costs Report

Keep track of current expenses as they are entered.

Target Reports

Keep track of whether projects have come in below/above target and use historical data to set targets for future projects.

Productivity Reports

Monitor the number of targets reached and track employees' productivity to ensure project milestones are met.

Category Reports

Run reports on various elements of a project to illustrate the most or least productive aspects.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Project Tracking Software?

Softworks Project Tracking Software is a solution designed to track employee time, activity, budget, and costs for projects. It helps organizations monitor and manage projects effectively by providing real-time reporting, visibility, and control over project-related information.

The software can be used independently or integrated with other modules of Softworks Workforce Management Software, such as Time and Attendance, Employee Scheduling, or Absence Management, to streamline processes and ensure accurate project tracking.

How much does the Project Tracking Software cost?

Softworks pricing is determined by the size of your organization, with a one-time implementation fee. To get a quote, please click here.

How long does it take to implement Project Tracking Software?

The duration of implementing Project Tracking Software can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the organization’s requirements and the size of the workforce. It includes activities such as software setup, data migration, customization, testing, and training. To get an estimate – Contact Us!

Can Project Tracking Software provide Reports?

Yes, Softworks Project Tracking Software offers robust reporting capabilities.

It enables you to generate real-time, multi-dimensional reports and views that provide valuable insights into project status, budgeted hours vs. actual hours, project costs, targets, productivity, and category-specific reports. These reports help you make informed decisions, track project milestones, and analyze project performance effectively.

What can be tracked with Project Tracking Software?

Softworks Project Tracking Software allows you to track various aspects of your projects, including but not limited to:

– Employee time spent on projects
– Activity levels and progress on tasks
– Budgeted and actual hours
– Project costs and expenses
– Project status and milestones
– Targets and productivity metrics
– Category-specific project elements

Is there an automated email alerts feature?

Yes, Softworks Project Tracking Software includes an automated email alerts feature.

This functionality can be configured to send email alerts to employees, ensuring timely completion of timesheets and other project-related tasks. Automated email alerts help streamline communication, reduce delays, and maintain data accuracy within the system.

What We Do – The Softworks Story…

From Time and Attendance Tracking to a complete Workforce Management Solution…

What we have gained is better rostering, better control, comprehensive records, better reports and functionality to make changes or to test if proposed changes would work.

Bon Secours Health System

The automatic and to the minute Flexitime calculations and the automatic holiday calculations for employees have significantly reduced administration and manual tasks.


The System allows us to operate at multiple sites with the data being transferred to a central server.

Newbrook Nursing Home

Softworks has had a tremendous impact on the organization’s ability to be more efficient with time tracking, reporting, legislative compliance around confidentiality and privacy, and have better business outcomes.

Aids Committee of Toronto

Team leaders appreciate the fact that they can now plan more easily and that it’s much simpler to manage holidays and flexitime for their teams.

Fusion Antibodies

Employees find Softworks very user-friendly, they like the fact it’s easy to navigate and it’s updated in real-time, being able to check their clock cards and track actual time worked and bank time in lieu.

Aran Biomedical

Overall we are very happy with Softworks as it provides a much quicker and more accurate way of controlling everything from clock-in to wages payout and storing personnel information.


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