Project Tracking Software

Softworks Project Tracking Software helps you easily track employee time, activity, budget and cost by project.

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  • · •Keep Projects within Budget
  • · •Track Employee Time, Activity & Costs to Projects
  • · •Generate and Automate Real-time Reports
  • · •Give Management full Visibility and Control
  • · •Implement Workflow Alerts and Notifications
  • · •Ensure Internal & External Compliance

Softworks Project Tracking App can be used as an independent tool or with other modules of your Softworks Workforce Management Software like Time and Attendance, Employee Scheduling or Absence Management. It helps you reduce administration, automate processes and keep control over projects and their related expenses. Remove the guesswork and ensure that all time spent on a project is accounted for.

Benefits of Softworks Project Tracking Software

  • Track employee time, activity & costs to projects.
  • Keep projects within the budget.
  • Reduce loss of unaccountable hours & profitability.
  • Provide daily/weekly views of all current projects and jobs.
  • Generate real-time, multi-dimensional reports and views.
  • Give management complete visibility and maximum control.
  • Automate the process through real-time reporting.
  • Send email alerts to ensure employees complete timesheets on time.
  • Ensure internal & external compliance.
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Generate a range of Real-time Reports


Project Status Report

Real-time data enabling you to make informed decisions and keep projects under control.

Actual Hours vs. Budgeted Hours Report

Compare budgeted hours to actual hours and keep projects within the budget.

Project Costs Report

Keep track of current expenses as they are entered.

Target Reports

Keep track of whether projects have come in below/above target and use historical data to set targets for future projects.

Productivity Reports

Monitor the number of targets reached and track employees' productivity to ensure project milestones are met.

Category Reports

Run reports on various elements of a project to illustrate the most or least productive aspects.

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