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How we help?

Our powerful workforce management solutions, supported with over 30 years of experience, allow you to understand and address key workforce challenges.

Optimising Rosters

Softworks e-rostering solutions help manage the complex balance of workforce supply with customer demand letting you reduce operating costs.
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Work Life Balance

Softworks flexible working solutions let you easily implement work life balance initiatives, increasing efficiency and improving employees’ quality of life.
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Absenteeism Reduction

Softworks Absence Management solution gives you a consistent, automated and fair means of reducing employee absenteeism bringing clear benefits to your business.
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Reducing Payroll Costs

Softworks Time and Attendance, Employee Scheduling and Project Tracking help you capture and analyse data to make better financial decisions on labour costs.
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Legislative Compliance

Softworks Time and Attendance solutions let you easily track and monitor compliance with the latest legislation keeping your company and employees safe.
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Standardised Policies

Softworks Workforce Management Solutions reduce complexity and save time in applying company policies and procedures across your organisation.
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The Bradford Factor

Softworks Time and Attendance solutions lets you use the Bradford factor to calculate an absence score for each employee and proactively manage attendance.
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Annualised Hours

Provide greater employee flexibility, reduce overtime and increase productivity and efficiency by using Softworks to manage your annualised hours strategy.
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