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Softworks Manufacturing industry software is an easy to use solution that empowers to improve productivity and control labour costs
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Assisting Manufacturers increase productivity while controlling costs.


Designed to address the industries’ latest and varied operational requirements while controlling costs. Softworks assists the manufacturing industry to more efficiently manage & optimise workforce planning, scheduling & facilitate flexible working, respond to legislative compliance and best practice obligations, and manage planned and unplanned absences. Softworks Time & Attendance, together with our suite of Workforce Scheduling solutions provide a completely automated manufacturing workforce environment with proactive, event driven, actionable alerts and full reporting facilities as standard.

How Softworks can assist the Manufacturing Industry:

  • Reduces labour costs by making optimal use of existing workforce and minimising the need for overtime.
  • Optimises manufacturing workforce scheduling by aligning labour resources with production demand.
  • Improves productivity and quality by making informed real time decisions based on actual activity data.
  • Ensures labour compliance and avoids errors that can result in costly fines and legal expenses.
  • Streamlines operations.
  • Delivers real-time visibility of labour.
  • Takes control of employee absences and manages holidays, time in lieu and sickness more efficiently.
  • Increases payroll accuracy by automating the flow of information from time and attendance to payroll.