Assisting Manufacturers increase productivity while controlling costs.

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Designed to address the industries’ latest and varied operational requirements while controlling costs. Softworks assists the manufacturing industry to more efficiently manage & optimise workforce planning, scheduling & facilitate flexible working, respond to legislative compliance and best practice obligations, and manage planned and unplanned absences. Softworks Time & Attendance, together with our suite of Workforce Scheduling solutions provide a completely automated manufacturing workforce environment with proactive, event driven, actionable alerts and full reporting facilities as standard.

How Softworks can assist the Manufacturing Industry:

  • Reduces labour costs by making optimal use of existing workforce and minimising the need for overtime.
  • Optimises manufacturing workforce scheduling by aligning labour resources with production demand.
  • Improves productivity and quality by making informed real time decisions based on actual activity data.
  • Ensures labour compliance and avoids errors that can result in costly fines and legal expenses.
  • Streamlines operations.
  • Delivers real-time visibility of labour.
  • Takes control of employee absences and manages holidays, time in lieu and sickness more efficiently.
  • Increases payroll accuracy by automating the flow of information from time and attendance to payroll.

Softworks Manufacturing Solution delivers value through

Complete control and insight – use the past to predict the future – By analysing historical information such as; staffing levels, overtime, absences, sick leave and training it becomes easier to anticipate requirements for a similar period in the future.

Manage staff numbers and cost relative to revenue – With tightening budgets one person too many on a roster is a costly mistake and can mean the difference between making a profit or a loss. Pre-planning your manning requirements and checking against your budgeted wage cost analysis ensures you have the optimum cost saving roster/schedule in place.

Accuracy and ease of use – Wave goodbye to the endless stream of spreadsheets, post-its, paper forms and the inevitable mistakes and the hours of wasted office time they generate. With Softworks it is very easy to build rosters, as you need them e.g. as staff are required for scheduled duties or jobs.

Softworks Solutions for Manufacturing

Softworks assists manufacturing companies to organise the working day in a way that makes them more productive and profitable by adding value to their operations. Our award-winning Workforce Management Solutions include; Time & Attendance, Labour Scheduling, Absence Management, HR and Project Tracking.

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From start-ups to global operations our customers span multiple industry sectors and business sizes. We can provide you with cutting-edge Time & Attendance solutions, Scheduling, HR and Absence Management solutions

Heineken – Manufacturing Case Study

Heineken Ireland uses Softworks to manage employee Time & Attendance and Flexitime and to ensure compliance with the European Working Time Directive. HR admin time has been reduced by two days per month and employees quickly bought into the system due to visibility of their own records and use of flexitime.

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