Proximity Time Clocks

Proximity Time Clocks provide an easy, contactless way to record attendance with cards or key fobs.

Datafox Evo 3.5

Proximity Time Clocks allow employees to verify their identity and securely record their working time by holding a card or key fob close to the clock.

This Time and Attendance data is recorded precisely and transferred immediately to your Softworks Workforce Management Software, giving you a complete and to-the-minute record of working hours and attendance across your entire organisation.

What are the benefits of Proximity Time Clocks?
  • Proximity Clocks offer an excellent no touch option for employees to easily clock in and out of their work location.
  • Quick and easy to use, Proximity Clocks reduce any potential bottlenecks or time delays at clocking time.
  • Softworks latest Proximity Time Clock has an energy saving proximity sensor that automatically activates the terminal when a potential user is within its operating radius and switches back to standby mode when no users are detected saving electricity and extending the life of the device.
  • For added peace of mind an audible and visible message on the Proximity Clock confirm when a clocking has been completed.
Your Proximity Clock together with your Softworks Workforce Management Software enable you to:
  • Automate recording of employee Time and Attendance and eliminate the need for manual data capture on paper or spreadsheets which can be error prone and time consuming.
  • Improve and simplify payroll processing as Time and Attendance data is automatically synchronized with each individual’s pay rules.
  • Simplify management of Flexible Working Policies including Flexitime as your Softworks Workforce Management system automatically calculates and keeps track of each employee’s Flexitime balance.
  • Support a safer working environment through the ability to generate a list of who’s on the premises in case an evacuation is required.

DataFox Evo 3.5 Pure Proximity Clock

The DataFox Evo 3.5 Pure Proximity Clock delivers all you need in a high quality,durable terminal.


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