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Helping not-for-profit organisations improve efficiency, reporting and compliance.

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As a not-for-profit organisation your people are one of your greatest resources but if you’re spending hours managing administration related to employee Time and Attendance, Scheduling or Absence Management it could be taking valuable time away from your organisation’s main purpose. Softworks employee Time and Attendance, Absence Management, Scheduling and Self-Service Solutions help not-for-profit companies reduce administration time and improve reporting and compliance freeing up your managers so they can focus on making a difference.

How Softworks can help the not for profit Sector

  • Automate your employee Time and Attendance system to reduce time spent on administration and employee queries, eliminate unnecessary paper and reduce errors.
  • Meet your reporting and compliance obligations with accurate and up to date data on Time Worked, Absences and Time in Lieu.
  • Help your organisation stay on track to meet its goals by having an overview of key employee information at the touch of a button so you can identify trends or areas for improvement.
  • Easy to use reporting saves you time and gives you accurate information to help business decision making and to ensure clarity and transparency across the organisation.
  • Use your budget wisely – select only the Softworks Workforce Management modules you need now and add more if you need more functionality or as you organisation grows.
  • Make a positive impact on staff satisfaction by allowing employees to easily manage their holiday requests and manage flexi time or flexible working with employee Self-Service Solutions.
  • Reduce complexity in the management of staff across multiple locations with a single system accessible by mobile or desktop.

Softworks Solutions for not for profit organisations

As a not-for-profit organisation your people are your greatest resource. Softworks Workforce Management Solutions make it easy to manage employee hours, flexitime, time in lieu, holidays and absences.


From start-ups to global operations our customers span multiple industry sectors and business sizes. We can provide you with cutting-edge Time & Attendance solutions, Scheduling, HR and Absence Management solutions


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