Softworks Partners are central to our corporate strategy and to our client service business.

Softworks Partners are central to our corporate strategy, to our client service business and to the way we deliver value to our customers. Our aim is to forge close, productive, mutually beneficial, customer-focused strategic relationships with select consulting, infrastructure, business services and software providers in order to further enhance our position as a leader in the attendance management market.

Why Become a Softworks Partner?

The ability to provide a complete solution is becoming the critical differentiator for many businesses and a key to customer retention. Together, we can bring the best of breed complimentary solutions to our respective customers, making organisations more competitive through improved technology and partnership.

Partner Benefits through the formation of an alliance, both Softworks and its alliance partners would benefit from:

  • Lead referrals
  • Exposure to new technologies
  • Heightened brand awareness
  • Accelerated customer acquisition
  • Joint marketing initiatives
  • Increased product and service revenue