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Our whitepapers and guides examine the latest workforce management trends and challenges. You are very welcome to download these free publications.

Client Support Guide: Understand how we work for your workforce
Why CIOs and IT Leaders Must Partner with HR
Top Priorities for HR Leaders in 2024
The Remote Work Revolution
How CHROs became our Superheroes
How the pandemic accelerated HR digital transformation plans
The Top Priorities for HR Leaders in 2023
5 Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Upgrade your Workforce Management Technology
Why employee engagement should be your number one priority
10 employee management tasks that should be automated
Top 10 things to look for in a Workforce Management Solution that your Employees will Love!
Why HR Directors are taking a more active role in Time and Attendance and eRostering Projects
Top 10 Reasons why you should move your Time & Attendance to the Cloud
Managing Flexible Working in the Public Sector and how Technology could assist – Survey Findings & Analysis
How to create an effective Workforce Management Strategy
How to strategically use Flexible Working Arrangements
Softworks Guide to The Bradford Factor
How to reduce Absenteeism in your Organisation
Selecting a Workforce Management System
Shave up to 5% off your Payroll
How well is your business protected? Timesheet Fraud
Guide to the European General Data Protection Regulation
Why COOs and Operations Directors are taking a more active role in Workforce Management Projects
Why CEOs and Managing Directors are taking a more active role in Workforce Management Projects
eRostering and Time & Attendance offer clear Return on Investment
How is IT contributing to your organisation’s bottom line?
How to Successfully Manage a Time & Attendance Project
Why CFOs are taking a more active role in Workforce Management Projects

Industry Focus

Our industry focus whitepapers examine specific challenges within industry sectors and look at ways to overcome.

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Financial Services

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