Flexible Working

Time and Attendance Software that lets you easily manage flexible working options like Flexitime, Part-time and Remote Working.

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The benefits of introducing Flexible Working

Flexible working gives employees greater ownership and control of their own time and working hours enabling them to manage their responsibilities outside of work.

Flexible working arrangements bring many positive benefits to an employee’s life including a better work/life balance, greater job satisfaction, more autonomy, increased energy, creativity, motivation and morale. Flexible working also brings many benefits to employers including; better retention rates, reduced costs and improved productivity.

The top business benefits of introducing flexible working include;

  • Enhanced recruitment and retention of employees.
  • Increased staff motivation by providing a greater sense of control.
  • Reduced stress, through the ability to better balance work and personal responsibilities.
  • Increased employee satisfaction and morale.
  • Improved commitment and productivity resulting from support for personal work style preferences.
  • Reduced absences and lateness.
  • Improved coverage and scheduling.
  • Better customer service, ability to offer extended time and days.

Softworks Time and Attendance Software helps you easily manage:

  • Flexitime / Flex-Time
  • Part-time Working
  • Annualised hours
  • Compressed hours
  • Staggered hours
  • Job sharing
  • Remote Working

With Softworks Time and Attendance Software all employee working hours are captured to the minute. Work patterns are set up within the system to cater for flexitime and hours in excess of the standard week will be put into a flexi balance. Employees with these working arrangements can easily check their flexi balances using Softworks Employee Self Service Software on their PC, phone or tablet and are always aware of when they are close to reaching their target, banked, debit or credit hours and can take time off or work more hours accordingly.

The data on what hours employees have worked can be collected from a variety of sources to suit your environment, your requirements and the employees using the system. Clocking options include magnetic stripe, proximity, biometric or smart card readers, online timesheets and clocking with smartphone, PC or tablet through Sofworks Employee Self Service Software.

Flexible & Remote Working

Time and Attendance Software that lets you easily manage flexible working options like Flexitime, Part-time and Remote Working.


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