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Absence Management

Softworks Absence Management assists you to track and manage employees absences.

Softworks Absence Management software on laptop

Absence Management

Softworks Absence Management solution has been designed to reduce the complex administrative elements of managing planned and unplanned absences, while ensuring that your organisation is always compliant with employment legislation. By providing accurate real-time attendance information, our solution can help to minimise the negative effects and expense of unplanned absences such as sick leave, as well as assisting to manage leave entitlements such as; maternity, parental, adoptive, carers and force majeure.

Softworks solution can assist you to:

    • Easily track and manage employee absences.
    • Reduce absenteeism.
    • Simplify the management of sick leave, save time and improve efficiency.
    • Generate real time reports on employee planned and unplanned absences.
    • Reduce sick pay processing complications.
    • Ensure you are compliant with legislation.
    • Create an end to end automated process to manage absences and in turn reduce absenteeism.
    • Set attendance targets centrally while managing locally.
    • Rid your businesses of unnecessary and nonsensical absenteeism costs.