Employee Absence Management Software

Softworks Employee Absence Management software helps you automate, track and manage employee absence and leave of all types.

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Employee Leave Management simplified

Softworks Absence Management software has been designed to reduce the difficulty of managing planned and unplanned absences in your organisation. By providing accurate real-time attendance information, our Employee Absence Management Software can help to minimise the negative effects and expense of unplanned absences such as sick leave, as well as help manage leave entitlements such as; maternity, parental, adoptive, carers and force majeure.

How can Employee Leave Management Software help your organisation?

  • Easily track and manage employee absences and leave of all types.
  • Simplify the management of sick leave, save time and improve efficiency.
  • Generate real time reports on employee planned and unplanned absences.
  • Reduce sick pay processing complications.
  • Ensure you are compliant with legislation.
  • Create an end to end automated process to manage absences and in turn reduce absenteeism.
  • Set attendance targets centrally while managing locally.
  • Manage, measure and reduce absenteeism.

We Help With Reporting

Quickly and easily generate a wide variety of reports on “leave types” such as:

  • Balance Reports – Keep track of how many sick days have been taken by each employee to date. You can also see how many sick days employees are entitled to.
  • Social Welfare Payment Reports – Stay on top of your sick leave costs by running regular reports on employees who have not returned disability payments to your organisation and how much is outstanding.
  • Violation Reports – Reference rule violations against employees e.g. Employees who have been paid certified sick leave even though their maximum entitlement has been exceeded.
  • Carer’s Leave Reports – Monitor employees taking Carer’s Leave through reports that illustrate if minimum notice has been given, if a certificate has been produced, whom the leave has been taken in relation to.
  • Parental / Adoptive Leave Reports – Highlight employees who have / have not given minimum notice. You also have the ability to highlight those who have / have not produced a birth certificate, who have taken leave outside valid dates etc. to ensure accurate information is stored in the system.

Manage planned and unplanned absences with ease

Automate employee absence management for leave of all types: annual, illness, maternity, paternity, study, carers and unpaid.


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