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Absence Management Software

Softworks Staff Absence Management Software helps you automate, track and manage employee absences of all types.

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  • · •Easily Track and Manage Employee Absences
  • · •Eliminate Manual Processes
  • · •Simplify Leave Management of any type
  • · •Streamline Absence Information to Payroll
  • · •Set Targets Centrally while Managing Locally
  • · •Generate Real-time Reports
Softworks Absence Management System

Here’s what makes it great:

Simplify Leave Logistics: Streamline the handling of all leave types with ease and precision.
Transform Absence Management: Automate and revamp the way you manage employee absences, from sick leave to parental leave and everything in between.
Seamless Payroll Synchronization: Effortlessly link absence data with payroll for accurate and hassle-free processing.
Unified Organizational Visibility: Gain a centralized view of absence trends and compliance across your organization.
Insightful Absence Analytics: Leverage real-time data for informed decision-making about workforce availability and health trends.
Eliminate Manual Work: Replace outdated manual processes with a sleek, automated absence management system.

Benefits of Absence Management Software

Easily Track and Manage Employee Absences

Manage sick leave, annual leave, maternity, parental, adoptive, carers and force majeure in a simple and efficient way.

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Eliminate Manual Processes

Automate the absence management process and reduce absenteeism and expenses in return.

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Simplify Leave Management of any type

Reduce costs, save time and improve efficiency with a streamlined leave management process.

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Streamline Absence Information to Payroll

Send leave information directly to payroll and reduce pay processing complications.

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Set Targets Centrally while Managing Locally

Use our centralized system and stay in control across the whole organization.

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Generate a range of Real-time Reports


Balance Reports

Keep track of how many sick days have been taken by each employee or see how many sick days employees are entitled to.

Social Welfare Payment Reports

Stay on top of your sick leave costs by running regular reports on employees who have not returned disability payments and how much is outstanding.

Violation Reports

Reference rule violations against employees e.g. employees who have been paid certified sick leave even though their maximum entitlement has been exceeded.

Carer’s Leave Reports

Monitor employees taking Carer’s Leave through reports that illustrate if minimum notice has been given, if a certificate has been produced or whom the leave has been taken in relation to.

Parental/Adoptive Leave Reports

Highlight employees who have or have not given minimum notice or produced a birth certificate or those who have taken leave outside valid dates etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Absence Management Software?

Absence Management Software is a tool designed to streamline and automate the process of managing employee absences within an organization. It provides a centralized system for tracking and recording various types of absences, such as annual leave, sick leave, maternity leave, and other time-off requests. The software helps organizations efficiently manage and monitor employee absences, ensuring compliance with policies and regulations.

How much does the Absence Management Software cost?

Softworks pricing is determined by the size of your organization, with a one-time implementation fee. To get a quote, please click here.

Who uses Absence Management Software?

Absence Management Software is utilized by various organizations across different industries and sectors. It is commonly used by businesses of all sizes, including small businesses, medium-sized enterprises, and large corporations. Additionally, public sector entities, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and nonprofit organizations can benefit from using Absence Management Software to effectively track and manage employee absences.

What is the process of Absence Management Software implementation?

The process of implementing Absence Management Software typically involves activities such as software installation, configuration, data setup (employee information, leave policies), customization of absence types and rules, integration with existing systems (if applicable), and training for administrators and employees. The exact process may vary based on the specific software and organization’s requirements.

How long does it take to implement Absence Management Software?

The duration of implementing Absence Management Software can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the organization’s requirements and the size of the workforce. It includes activities such as software setup, data migration, customization, testing, and training. To get an estimate – Contact Us!

Can Absence Management Software integrate with 3rd party Payroll, ERP or HR systems?

Yes, Softworks Absence Management Software offers integration capabilities with 3rd party Payroll, ERP, and HR systems. These integrations ensure seamless data exchange between different software solutions, enabling accurate leave calculations, payroll processing, and synchronization of employee information. By integrating with these systems, Absence Management Software streamlines overall HR processes and enhances efficiency.

How can employees request absence?

Employees can request absence through the Employee Self-Service Portal and App. It allows employees to log in to the system and submit their time-off requests. They can specify the type of absence, the dates, and any additional details required.

What happens when an employee makes the absence request in the system?

When an employee submits an absence request within the software, the system captures the details and sends the request for review and approval to the relevant personnel, such as supervisors or managers. The approver can review the request, consider factors such as staffing levels and workload, and make an informed decision to approve or deny the request.

Is there an App for employees to request Annual Leave?

Yes, Softworks Employee Self-Service Portal and App can be used by employees to conveniently request Annual Leave and manage their absences on-the-go. It provides a user-friendly interface accessible on desktop, smartphone or tablet, allowing employees to submit absence requests, view their remaining leave balances and check the status of their requests.

Can employees submit Sick Leave Certificates through the Absence Management Software?

Yes, Softworks Absence Management Software provides features that allow employees to submit Sick Leave Certificates or supporting documentation through the system. Employees can upload scanned or digital copies of their medical certificates or other required documents to validate their sick leave. This streamlines the process, eliminates the need for physical paperwork, and ensures proper documentation for HR and compliance purposes.

Can Absence Management Software manage organizations with more than 10000 staff?

Absolutely! Absence Management Software is designed to handle organizations with a large number of staff, including those with more than 10000 employees. The software’s scalability ensures it can effectively manage and track employee absences, regardless of the organization’s size. It accommodates the needs of both small businesses and enterprise-level companies.

Can Absence Management Software provide Absence Reports?

Yes, Softworks Absence Management Software can generate comprehensive Absence Reports. These reports provide insights into employee absence patterns, including types of leave taken, duration, trends, and remaining leave balances. Absence Reports assist HR departments and managers in monitoring and analyzing absence data, making informed decisions, identifying potential issues, and maintaining adequate staffing levels.

What types of absences can the Absence Management Software manage?

Softworks Absence Management Software can manage various types of absences, including but not limited to annual leave, sick leave, personal leave, maternity/paternity leave, compassionate leave, force majeure, and unpaid leave. The software provides flexibility for organizations to define and customize absence types based on their specific policies and regulations, enabling accurate tracking and management of different types of employee absences.

Can Absence Management Software provide Absence Reports?

Yes, Softworks Absence Management Software offers Bradford Factor reporting as a feature. The Bradford Factor is a formula used to quantify and measure the impact of employee absences on an organization. It calculates a score based on the number of absences and their duration, providing a way to identify patterns of frequent short-term absences that may have a significant impact on productivity.

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From Time and Attendance Tracking to a complete Workforce Management Solution…

What we have gained is better rostering, better control, comprehensive records, better reports and functionality to make changes or to test if proposed changes would work.

Bon Secours Health System

The automatic and to the minute Flexitime calculations and the automatic holiday calculations for employees have significantly reduced administration and manual tasks.


The System allows us to operate at multiple sites with the data being transferred to a central server.

Newbrook Nursing Home

Softworks has had a tremendous impact on the organization’s ability to be more efficient with time tracking, reporting, legislative compliance around confidentiality and privacy, and have better business outcomes.

Aids Committee of Toronto

Team leaders appreciate the fact that they can now plan more easily and that it’s much simpler to manage holidays and flexitime for their teams.

Fusion Antibodies

Employees find Softworks very user-friendly, they like the fact it’s easy to navigate and it’s updated in real-time, being able to check their clock cards and track actual time worked and bank time in lieu.

Aran Biomedical

Overall we are very happy with Softworks as it provides a much quicker and more accurate way of controlling everything from clock-in to wages payout and storing personnel information.


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