Absenteeism Reduction

How Softworks can assist you to manage and reduce employee absenteeism.

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Employee Absenteeism is often one of the most persistent obstacles to a company’s productivity and profitability. Absenteeism causes overtime, dissatisfied customers and low morale in other employees who are expected to cover for their absent colleague. Absences certainly do occur for legitimate reasons such as; serious illness or family emergencies however they also occur due to hangovers, laziness and the desire to be elsewhere when the alarm goes off at 6am!

Managing, measuring & reducing employee absenteeism

Softworks have developed a powerful absence management tool that empowers organisations to manage employee absenteeism in an effective and proactive manner. Softworks Absence Management solution offers companies a consistent, automated and fair means of reducing employee absenteeism. Our Absence Management software automates the entire ‘end to end’ procedure of absence management, applies company absenteeism policies and assists managers to implement absence management in consistently fair manner.

Softworks Absence Management helps companies to reduce absenteeism by:

  • Creating an end to end absence management process.
  • Fully automating the generation of warning letters and return to work forms.
  • Encouraging positive attendance behaviour in employees.
  • Providing complete, accurate and real-time data.
  • Permitting a thorough assessment of employee hours.
  • Letting you retain absence statistics and run regular reports.
  • Giving you access to Bradford Factor reports.
  • Alerting supervisors to any problems.
  • Allowing you store critical employee information.
  • Enabling you to compare productivity of one department against another.
  • Providing you with a systematic, fair and automated way of tacking persistent offenders.

Softworks Absence Management Solution sits quietly in the background and springs into action once an employee absence is recorded. From then on, each step in the absence management process is fully automated, giving businesses a systematic and reliable way to track and manage absence.

Calculating & reporting on employee absenteeism

The ongoing monitoring and reporting facilities at the core of our Absence management solution empower companies to detect employee absenteeism at the earliest stages and take care of it before it becomes a disruptive and costly problem.

Softworks Absence Management Solutions reporting capabilities include:

  • Percentage tables
  • Calendars
  • Dashboards
  • Pattern Matching

Our advanced absence monitoring and reporting tools deliver key information on employee absenteeism patterns to the right members of management at the right time, allowing them to address problem areas early and effectively.

To find out more about how Softworks can help your organisation with employee absenteeism, download our whitepaper here.

If you would like to see our Absence Management solution in action for yourself then you can book a live demonstration of our system here.

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