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Honour-Based Timesheets Software

Softworks Honour-Based Timesheets Software is perfect for non-clocking organisations who wish to improve compliance with working time legislation.

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  • · •Unobtrusive Record of Employee Working Time
  • · •Automated Email Authorisation
  • · •Real-time Decision Making
  • · •Automated Information Flow to Payroll
  • · •Employee Self-Service & Empowerment
  • · •Regulatory Compliance

Recording employee Time & Attendance and ensuring compliance with local employment legislation can be both challenging and time-consuming. As part of our Time & Attendance software, Honour-Based Timesheets are designed to accommodate the complete spectrum of salaried and hourly-paid, as well as on and off-site employees. It is an easy and unobtrusive way to track employee time.

Honour Based Electronic Timesheets are particularly suited to organisations supporting a high level of salaried staff or where a “non-clocking” employee empowerment culture exists. It is an easy and unobtrusive way to track employee time.

Benefits of Honour-Based Timesheets


Unobtrusive Record of Employee Working Time

Allow employees to record their working time in a simple and unobtrusive way.

Automated Email Authorisation of Timesheets

Enabling supervisors to easily and quickly edit, authorise and analyse employee timesheets, holidays, absences, additional time etc. - all on one screen.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring legislative compliance can be challenging with ongoing amendments and changes to employment law. Electronic Timesheets are making this easy.

Employee Self-Service & Empowerment

Empowering employees with ownership of their data can boost morale, productivity and staff retention.

Real-Time Decision Making

Up-to-date, real-time and comprehensive information gives your management team better control.

Automated information flow to payroll

Electronic Timesheets can automatically feed your Payroll and link to HR, Finance and other systems.

Timesheet Automation - Made Simple!

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Step 1 - Email to employee

Employee receives an automated email with their timesheet. They can then choose to simply approve, or edit if they have additional hours to add.

Step 2 - Edit if required

If the employee needs to edit their timesheet, they simply click edit in the received email and are taken directly to the easy-to-use editing screen.

Honour Based Timesheets Solution image
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Step 3 - Email to manager

The manager receives an email informing them of employees who have edited timesheets for approval & employees who have not approved timesheets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Honour-Based Timesheets?

Honour-Based Timesheets are a feature of Softworks Time & Attendance software that allows non-clocking organizations to track employee working time in a simple and unobtrusive way. It is particularly suited for salaried employees or organizations with a culture of employee empowerment.

How much does the Honour-Based Timesheets Software cost?

Softworks pricing is determined by the size of your organization, with a one-time implementation fee. To get a quote, please click here.

How long does it take to implement the Honour-Based Timesheets Software?

The duration of implementing Honour-Based Timesheets Software can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the organization’s requirements and the size of the workforce. It includes activities such as software setup, data migration, customization, testing, and training.

To get an estimate – Contact Us!

Who can benefit from using Honour-Based Timesheets Software?

Honour-Based Timesheets Software can benefit organizations that have non-clocking employees, such as salaried staff or those who work off-site. It is especially useful for organizations that prioritize employee empowerment and want an unobtrusive method of tracking employee time.

How does Honour-Based Timesheets Software track employee time?

Honour-Based Timesheets Software enables employees to record their working time through an easy and unobtrusive process.

Employees receive automated emails with their timesheets and can simply approve them or edit them if necessary. The system captures the time data provided by employees for further analysis and reporting.

How does the approval process work in Honour-Based Timesheets Software?

The approval process in Honour-Based Timesheets Software involves managers receiving emails informing them of employees who have edited their timesheets for approval, as well as employees who have not yet approved their timesheets. Managers can easily review, edit, authorize, and analyze employee timesheets using a single-screen interface.

Does Honour-Based Timesheets Software integrate with other systems?

Yes, Honour-Based Timesheets Software can integrate with other systems, such as payroll, HR, and finance systems.

This enables the automated flow of information from timesheets to payroll processing and allows for seamless data exchange between different software applications.

To who are Honour-Based Timesheets best suited for?

Honour-Based Timesheets are best suited for organizations that have non-clocking employees, such as salaried staff or those who work off-site. It is particularly useful for organizations that value employee empowerment, want to track time in an unobtrusive manner, and need to ensure compliance with working time legislation.

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