Honour Based Timesheets

Softworks Honour Based Timesheets are designed to accommodate the complete spectrum of salaried and hourly-paid,as well as on and off-site employees.

Softworks Honour Based Timesheets software on laptop

Honour Based Timesheets

Designed to accommodate the complete spectrum of salaried and hourly-paid, as well as on and off-site employees, Softworks Honour Based Timesheets provide an unobtrusive method of recording employee time and attendance. We can provide your organisation with an advanced “screen based” information system that supports the collection of “exception only” employee data. It is particularly suited to organisations supporting a high level of salaried staff or where a “non-clocking” employee empowerment culture exists. Due to legislative compliance, it is now essential for organisations to record the working hours of all employees. Softworks unique honour based timesheets are one of the easiest and most unobtrusive ways to accurately track employee time and activities.

Softworks Honour Based Timesheets can assist you to:

    • Enable supervisors to easily and quickly edit, authorise and analyse, holidays, absences, additional time etc. all on one screen. The easy to use summary screen helps promote best practices and standards.
    • Provide an unobtrusive method of recording employee time & attendance.
    • Ensure legislative compliance. In most jurisdictions, employers have a statutory duty to keep records and take reasonable steps to ensure that working hours and policies are complied with.
    • Where allowable enable employees to view and edit their time, enter absences, submit request for leave, review their schedules, view the status of leave and balances.
    • Access up to date, real-time and comprehensive information giving your management team better control.
    • Enable supervisors to benchmark their department’s performance in terms of absence, overtime etc. against the company’s average and determine whether necessary steps need to be taken to reduce these incidences.
    • Automatically feed your payroll system and link to other systems, such as HR and finance systems, further helping to streamline and automate your processes.
    • Assist you manage flexible working options such as job sharing, tele-working, flexitime, part-time working and annualised hours.