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Healthcare organisations have experienced an enormous amount of change since the advent of the Coronavirus. The pandemic has forced them to move faster, review costs, make technology investments and embrace adaptable, quick and robust systems. Many healthcare organisations are now driving forward digitalization plans to enable them to provide more effective patient care and make better business decisions.

While digitization refers to converting paper-based files such as patient data to an electronic format e.g. changing from paper-based to electronic health records, digitalization goes one step further and embraces the ability of digital technology to streamline services, reduce costs and provides better quality care for patients.

With the challenges being faced by Healthcare providers, it’s more important than ever to optimize the management of healthcare employees. Many healthcare providers are turning to Workforce Management Technology to eliminate paper-based processes and to automate and manage tasks such as Time and Attendance management, Staff Scheduling, Leave Management, Regulatory Compliance and Skills management.

The digitalization of the employee Management process improves operational efficiency, increases employee satisfaction and gives healthcare workers more time to focus on what matters most – their patients.

Where can a Workforce Management System help Healthcare Organizations?

Using a Workforce Management System specifically designed for Healthcare such as Softworks automates and improves processes in these key areas via one central easy-to-use system:

  • Employee Time & Attendance management
  • Employee Scheduling
  • HR Management
  • Leave Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Skills & Training Management

To find out how Softworks can help your organization automate and optimize healthcare employee management read more HERE or get in touch to book a demo today.

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