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Organisations sometimes choose to manage employee absences in their HR system rather than their rostering / scheduling system, however, this can lead to a number of challenges. While your HR system can support some of the processes it rarely meets all needs, particularly for organisations with more complex employee rostering requirements.

The problem with using your HR system to manage absences is that your HR system does not know when employees are meant to be working. It is your rostering system that holds this information. Planned and unplanned absences are better managed in your rostering system for a number of reasons including:
✔ You need absences to display on the roster to show employees who are unavailable for work.
✔ Absence information is needed for payroll integration to ensure employees are paid correctly.
✔ You need absence information to know who is expected/not expected to clock each day.
✔ You need up-to-date employee holiday entitlement to know if employees can/cannot request annual leave.

Managing absences via your rostering / scheduling system enables you to be more efficient when planning and creating employee rosters. You have all the information to hand including information on working time and planned absences as well as the ability to quickly respond to unexpected absences such as sickness and force majeure.

Softworks Absence Management Solution
Softworks absence management solution helps you automate, track and manage employee absences and includes dashboards, employee self-service, and email alerts for approval of absences. Real-time information is then available to you when you are creating employee rosters enabling you to automate complex employee scheduling, save time, reduce costs and ensure regulatory compliance while delivering exceptional service.

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