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Softworks has collaborated with the National Shared Services Office (NSSO) – the Irish shared services provider for HR, Pensions, and payroll administration for civil service Government Departments – to manage the integration of the NSSO HR Management System and the Softworks Employee Time and Attendance and Clocking System.

The Background

The NSSO uses an HR Management System, (HRMS) through which civil servants can book holidays, record sick leave and calculate pension entitlements etc. At the department level, Softworks Time and Attendance and Clocking System are used by many Government Departments to log working hours for each employee. To date, the separation of HRMS and the Time and Attendance system has resulted in manual processes for logging leave or absences on their Department’s Time and Attendance system to allow them to effectively reconcile an employee’s clocking information.

How the Softworks NSSO integration works

To help eliminate this manual process, Softworks has collaborated with the NSSO to develop automation that enables integration between HRMS and the Softworks Time and Attendance System. Employees continue to apply for leave, raise absences, and approve and deny requests, through HRMS as normal. However, this information now transfers to Softworks on a nightly basis from HRMS, eliminating any need to log or reconcile data in the absence space going forward.

The benefit of Softworks NSSO Integration

This integration means that local HR teams will no longer have to manually update employee time and attendance outside of the employee’s application on HRMS. The automation is now developed and has been piloted and is fully operational in the Office of the Revenue Commissioners and the Central Statistics Office.

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