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The Hospitality Industry at the best of times has a lot of moving parts, and at the worst of times is organised chaos. Managers are constantly on the lookout for new methods of ensuring their Hotel or Restaurant runs as smoothly as possible. For any establishment to perform well, it depends on the ouput of its employees. And what better way to efficiently manage employees than with workforce management solutions. There are several key areas of employee management that benefit greatly from the Implementation of workforce management solutions.

1. Employee scheduling
Rostering in the hospitality industry depends largely on a combination of forecasting guest demand and guesswork. With employee scheduling solutions, hospitality managers can roster employees with flexibility in hours and departments they work. Split shifts are very common in the hospitality industry, and are no longer a headache with eRostering. Scheduling solutions never forget and will automatically schedule an increase in staff levels for typically busy periods.

2. Absence Management
Planned and unplanned absences can throw rosters out of whack. Being short staffed can put even more stress on already stretched resources and employees. With absence management solutions for the hospitality industry, managers can draft in replacement staff or have additional staff on standby to replace a sick colleague. Absence management solutions are particularly effective for preventing losses as a result of not having enough staff on the floor.

3. Compliance
As with all industries, hospitality employers must comply with the Working Time Directive on the maximum amount of hours an employee can work in one week. Time & Attendance solutions assist employers in the hospitality industry to track the working hours and breaks of their employees. Employers who do not implement compliance procedures for maximum hours are opening themselves up to fines and sanctions.

As you can see there are numerous benefits to introducing workforce management solutions in the Hospitality industry. Along with improving employee output and efficiency, employers can avoid the situation of being short staffed or over working employees and the negative connotations of both scenarios. Find out about the best workforce management solution for Hospitality here, and try a live Demo of Softworks.

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