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Employee engagement has become an area of focus for people managers as they have come to realise that their employees are the key to their success. Before we take a look at why employee engagement is important let’s talk about what it is.

What is employee engagement?

Employee engagement is the emotional commitment an employee has to the organisation they work for. An employee who is highly engaged is committed to and cares about the goals and values of the organisation. They take pride in their work achievements. When employees are engaged, their number one objective is to contribute to the organisation’s success in whatever way they can. Employees who are highly engaged will for example deliver better customer service or increased sales and in turn higher profit. Employee engagement is not about employee benefits or bonuses, it’s about being part of a successful business.

Why should employee engagement be your number one priority?

Engaged employees tend to be high and innovative performers who are committed to their organisation. Organisations that prioritise employee engagement are far more successful at retaining employees, increasing workforce productivity and boosting their organisation’s overall performance and profitability. Unsurprisingly engaged employees are substantially more productive than non-engaged employees.

5 benefits of improving employee engagement

Improving employee engagement in an organisation

 Increases productivity and efficiency.
 Boosts employee retention.
 Improves morale, loyalty and job satisfaction.
Increases employee well-being and reduces absenteeism.
 Enhances customer service and experience.

In contrast, employees who have low engagement will;

 Put in minimal effort.
 Have little motivation.
 Be disruptive.
 Waste time.
 Call in sick.
 Produce substandard work.
 Have a bad attitude
 Undermine co-workers.

All of which can have a negative effect on the success of your organisation.

Final Thoughts

While the benefits of employee engagement are clear, achieving it is no easy task, particularly in these unprecedented times. So, while mastering the art of employee engagement is proving a challenge to many organisations, if done right, it is also an excellent opportunity.

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