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A Time and Attendance System is a software solution that automates the tracking of employee working hours, holidays and absences. This eliminates the costly errors associated with manual time and attendance tracking, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. The data produced can also be used to produce quick, real-time reports which enable managers to make informed decisions.

Once considered a luxury afforded only to large-scale organisations, time and attendance systems have now become an essential tool in any organisation’s toolbox. Utilised by organisations large and small, and across a range of industries, these systems enable managers to drive productivity and profitability.

Why have Time and Attendance Systems become so important?

Prior to March 2020, some organisations managed their workforce relatively successfully using manual, paper-based time-tracking systems. The impact of Covid-19 affected all organisations and has resulted in workplaces that are now in a constant state of change. Since then, most organisations have had to juggle managing a remote workforce for the first time and adapting their processes to fit the new normal.

Organisations that already had an automated Time and Attendance system in place were able to configure the software to suit their new needs. They were able to rapidly adapt their workforce to remote working and move forward with normal business operations. This quickly became a competitive advantage, with many leading organisations losing their edge in the shuffle.

Collecting employee information with a Time and Attendance System

Time and attendance software have come a long way since they were first developed. A modern time and attendance system will empower employees with the responsibility of their worked hours and can provide you with a range of clocking and not clocking options including:

Benefits of a Time and Attendance System

In these strange times, the old adage time is money has never been more relevant, with labour costs accounting for between 60-90% of most organisations’ costs. Now more than ever HR Managers need to formalise their strategies around workforce management and implementing a Time and Attendance system offers the biggest opportunity to drive operational performance and profitability at a time when these may be in short supply.

Benefits of a time and attendance system include:

  • Increased Accuracy
  • Employee accountability
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Reduced administration
  • Budget optimisation
  • Increased security
  • Improved regulatory compliance

Softworks Time and Attendance Solutions

Digital transformation is happening at a faster rate than ever before and organisations need to stay agile in order to compete. A time and attendance system is the perfect tool to gain a competitive edge by maximizing workforce efficiency and gaining real-time insights from the data produced which can then be used to make more informed decisions.

To find out how Softworks Workforce Management Solutions could help your organisation to automate your Time and Attendance, get in touch today or book a live demo.

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