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Covid-19 has led to extensive changes in the workforce landscape, especially the transition to remote work. In the first of a three-part Employee Q&A series, we talk to Killian O’Mahony,  Softworks Head of Sales and Healthcare Manager, Ireland about his experience of working from home and some of the challenges facing his customers during this time.

Killian has worked for Softworks for 8 years and loves helping his customers reduce complexity, and optimize their workforce management using Softworks Workforce Management solutions.

Killian, What are you doing to keep yourself happy and motivated right now?

The exercise was an important motivator for me until I fell and broke both arms that is!! While recovering, I made sure to at least do a 1-hour walk every day to give myself a chance to step outside and get some fresh air. I also like to do some meditation to clear my head. Now that my broken arms are recovering, at the weekend I have been enjoying trying to improve my cooking skills and taking part in virtual poker nights and quizzes with my friends and girlfriend. I have always been quite comfortable with spending time at home!

Has Covid-19 changed the way you work?

As is the case for many I have moved to work from home instead of being office-based. Travelling to meet clients face to face has been replaced by Webex Online Meetings and other virtual tools.

What has stayed the same for you?

Excluding travelling and working in the office, pretty much everything has stayed the same! Our IT team has done a super job with VPNs, laptops, Webex facilities, etc. It has allowed us to pick up our work from the office, and continue it at home.

What features of Softworks Workforce Management Solution have helped you manage your working day during this time?

The ability to clock in through the Softworks Employee Self-Service App on my mobile has enabled me to continue to log all my working hours remotely.

We have also opened the function that allows all employees to see who is currently clocked in, making it really easy to know who is working at any point in time.

What new challenges are your customers facing during this time?

As we work with so many different customers, the challenges really vary! It ranges from reduced revenue to increased demand. Some customers have a requirement to be able to redeploy people in their organization to the frontline to replace those who may be self-isolating or on sick leave, while others are completely closed. Moving to remote working and maintaining that overview of the big picture within the organization while being able to access real-time employee and scheduling information is another challenge they are facing!

How are Softworks Solutions helping them with these challenges?

Our clients are using our Time and Attendance module to report on staff absences relating to Covid-19 and to get that real-time as it happens information which is helping them make quick informed decisions on their business. Our Employee Scheduling and Rostering System allows automated rostering, with the ability to quickly identify any gaps and identify anyone that can temporarily fill a shift that may require a particular skill set. It also allows for remote working hours to be logged, and full visibility on who is working at any one time. We have recently launched a Biometric fever recognition terminal, in an attempt to assist our clients to meet the new demands now present in their working environments.

What have you learned from your customers during this time?  

They’re great! Many of our customers have been working to fight the virus on the front line, and have had to completely adjust their business operations in order to work safely. They have done this so successfully and it has brought so many people together; They have reached out for help on many occasions, and we have done everything we can to assist them.

What are you most grateful for right now?

I’m very lucky to have a job with a company that has not only continued operating throughout Covid-19 but has also been essential in allowing many companies to continue to work. Most importantly, however, I am grateful that the proactive actions of our workplace and our country have allowed my family and myself to remain fit and healthy at this time. I know a lot of people working on the front line and I know that if someone close to me does get ill, they will have incredible support! This time has also allowed everyone to slow down and look at their lives a little more which has resulted in family and friends becoming closer, helping each other in any way we can.


In our next blog, we will be talking to our trainer Claire about how she has transitioned to virtual training and how that has been working for our customers.

As usual, the softworks team is working remotely and is on hand to answer any questions that you have. Feel free to contact a member of the team, or request a demo if you would like to find out how the system could work for your organization.

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