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We’ve been graced with a rare sunny summer – the first one in many years! But are your employees getting a chance to get out and enjoy it? The summertime can be a particularly busy period for workers. Holiday time, family commitments and entertaining the children all vie for people’s time. The many benefits of Flexitime are particularly noticeable during the summer when workers become increasingly stretched for time.

We all know that flexible working arrangements bring many positives to an employee’s life. During the busy summer months, employees want to have a good quality work/life balance. With Flexitime, this balance is easier to achieve. Using flexible working, employees gain ownership and control of their working hours allowing them to better manage responsibilities and activities outside of work.

With flexible working arrangements, employees can make more use of long summer evenings spending time with family and relaxing. This way, employees can enjoy reduced levels of stress, increased energy and motivation, and above all: improved job satisfaction.

Softwork’s Flexitime solution not only benefits employees but offers a number of key benefits and advantages to employers themselves. For example, by offering flexible working you can increase the attraction and retention of quality employees, reduce employee absenteeism and overtime and significantly lower staff turnover.

By operating a family-friendly Flextime policy, particularly during the summer, companies can ensure that they have a competitive advantage in incentivizing a higher calibre of staff. Flexible working from Softworks delivers a “win-win” for both employers and employees, meeting the needs of both.

For businesses, there is an instant Return on Investment to be gained by implementing Flexible working as it is essentially a no-cost benefit with the potential for massive savings!

Softworks are very proud to have been recently named as the outright winner in the category of best Workforce Management Solutions for the Public Sector, by the Public Sector Magazine! Our Flexible working solutions are used by a wide range of government departments, councils, and public sector bodies to manage their employee’s flexitime.

Our range of flexible working solutions is currently used by the Department of Finance and Public Expenditure, The Revenue Commission, The Scottish Parliament, Inland Fisheries, Fife and Inverclyde Councils and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive to name but a few.

But don’t just take out word for it! Book a Demo today and see for yourself how our solutions can improve both your employees’ work-life balance as well as your bottom line!

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