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Employee rostering is often one of the most complex and difficult tasks for Healthcare organisations. Healthcare managers face difficult rostering challenges on a daily basis including aligning staff resources to the level of care required by patients, reducing administration and ensuring regulatory compliance. Softworks have developed a completely automated rostering solution to help with these challenges. Our Healthcare Rostering Solution can assist you to manage complex rostering, drive efficiencies, reduce absenteeism and cut costs, all while ensuring that you deliver exceptional patient care.

At the heart of employee rostering in healthcare are the people. Softworks eRostering solutions assist you to manage and optimise rosters across your entire organisation, ensuring that you make the best possible use of your workforce and allowing you to reduce the use of agency staff. With Softworks eRostering Solutions for Healthcare, you can generate the ideal staffing level for your organisation and visually display any gaps in a shift while identifying the ideal staff to fill these gaps. Last-minute roster changes can cause chaos in a healthcare environment. Our “Real Time Gaps Screen” provides a view of any gaps you may have in your roster across the entire hospital, grouping them by ward, area, date and most importantly by the severity of the gap. Alerts can be sent to selected employees via text and email to request them to fill these shifts.

The true value of Softworks employee rostering for healthcare lies in being able to align labour resources with demand.

Furthermore, the Softworks employee app gives employees greater control over their rostering preferences and the organisation of their work. Our employee self-service app enables your employees to easily check their rosters, request leave and absences as well as a number of other benefits.

Softworks healthcare solutions also allow you to build a clear picture of employee time and attendance, absenteeism, overtime, flexitime balances and holiday leave. By generating real-time analytics, reports and graphs you can accurately monitor employee information on trends such as absences, late and leaving early. Our HR Management System can track all this information. Productivity and quality can be improved as a result of making informed decisions based on real-time information.

Softworks works with a number of both public and private hospitals, care homes and nursing Homes along with home Care & Community Care Providers. Our solutions have been proven to assist with operational efficiency, cost control, regulatory compliance and employee empowerment.

Book a live, free demo of our Healthcare Rostering Solutions and see for yourself how Softworks can benefit your organisation.

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