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Softworks were delighted to be selected among the top 20 Human Capital Management Solution Providers in 2020 by the Enterprise Tech Success Magazine. The US-based business and Technology Magazine focuses on insights, trends, and innovations within the business and technology space. The annual listing selects companies who are at the forefront of Human Capital Management Solutions and are positively impacting the marketplace with their products.

Employee engagement and productivity are key priorities for organizations globally in today’s hypercompetitive labor markets.‘Designers of Human Capital Management applications are thus increasingly aiming to improve the candidate, worker, and manager experiences” says Wayne Robert, Enterprise Tech Success Assistant editor. “Continuous learning, listening, feedback, and performance management are all needed to sustain digital business and to thrive despite the disruptions that organizations increasingly face. We strongly believe that Softworks helps organizations to overcome their day to day challenges in HR functions.”

Commenting on being included in the Enterprise Tech Success Top 20 HCM Providers Softworks CEO Andrew Ferguson said ‘We are delighted to be recognised in this way, 2020 was a difficult year for organisations across the globe and we are so honored to have been able to help these organisations at a time of crisis’

“Workforce management planning and decisions require accurate real-time information. It is extremely difficult to effectively manage the workforce without detailed information on employee time and attendanceabsences, activities, skills and scheduling.“ continued Ferguson.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a major disruption in the business world. Having a proper handle on workforce costs and productivity will be critical to the success of organizations post Covid-19. Planning for the future requires the ability to build your workforce in a way that ensures that they are optimized under different and varied scenarios and conditions.”

“We are currently working with our customers to prepare for post-Covid-19. Now is the time to plan for different scenarios and timelines. Businesses are expecting that there will be reshaping of teams and upgrading of workforce procedures and policies that will take into account new ways of working. In order to do this, organizations require reliable workforce data to determine budgets and costs,” said Andrew Ferguson, CEO, Softworks.

This is where Softworks comes into the picture. Founded in Ireland in 1990, Softworks brings the most sophisticated, innovative and easy to use workforce management software solutions in the world.

“Our technology allows customers to optimize workforce planning, scheduling and deployment by aligning their resources with demand. We are assisting our customers to be more agile and to drive efficiency and productivity,” adds Andrew.

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