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Softworks, a leading provider of Workforce Management Software has been recognised as a fully approved supplier on the National Health Service Health Systems Support Framework (HSSF).

Softworks eRostering and Bank Management Solutions have been accredited under the new “Workforce Development” category.

The HSSF provides a quick and easy route for NHS organisations to access support services from innovative third-party suppliers. It can be used by any NHS organisation, including NHS Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups, national Arm’s-Length Bodies, local authorities and a wide range of public sector bodies.

All accredited suppliers have passed rigorous selection criteria to ensure their products are of a high quality, their prices fair and their financial position is stable.
Commenting on Softworks inclusion as a recognised supplier in the HSSF, Andrew Ferguson, CEO Softworks said:

“We’re delighted that our eRostering solution has been included on the NHS Health Systems Support Framework. Employee Rostering is one of the most important and complex tasks in Healthcare management. Our Cloud-Based eRostering solution allows customers to replace time consuming manual rostering with automated Rostering which significantly reduces the time needed for this process and brings benefits for patients, employees and managers.”

“Softworks eRostering solution is carefully configured to reflect the unique requirements of each organisation and automatically takes employee availability, skills, fairness rules and patient dependency levels into account in the roster creation.”

“eRostering helps reduce operating costs through the optimal use of existing staff instead of relying on overtime or agency staff. Being able to reliably roster employees weeks in advance also boosts employee engagement as employees have more visibility and input over their schedules. And being able to factor in patient dependency levels in staffing ensures the delivery of excellent patient care.”

“We have incorporated extensive feedback from the NHS into our eRostering solution so it truly reflects how they like to roster their employees. We now have the most effective and sophisticated eRostering solution on the market without sacrificing ease of use and we’re looking forward to working with many NHS organisations over the coming years.”

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