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We all know Mondays can be tough. You were at the beach, at the pub or at the much. Then before you know it the weekend is over and you’re back at your desk. Where did the weekend go?  It’s time to refocus for the week and get stuck in your work. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

No need to fear though, because we have for you 4 tips that will assist you to be more productive this Monday!

1. Turn off your phone

I’ll be the first to put my hand up and say I’m on my phone way too much. Ireland as an employment environment is increasingly populated by young professionals with smartphones. For some, the temptation to update social media with the weekend’s antics during the work day is just too much. Switch your phone off, even for a few hours and you’ll find that your work rate and concentration double.

2. Log out of social media on your laptop

There’s not much point in turning off your phone if you’re just going to go on Facebook on your computer. Monday is the perfect opportunity for a social media detox. And we’re sure your boss wouldn’t be too happy to see you on Facebook instead of working. Unless your job specifically requires it, you should definitely limit your social media usage during work hours.

3. Make a list of tasks

This productivity trick is helpful on any day of the week, particularly on a Monday. A list of jobs for the day will help to focus your attention and manage your time effectively.

4. Hydrate and caffeinate

Rough weekend? We’re all getting older and there’s nothing worse than sitting at work and still feeling the effects of Saturday night. Dehydration reduces brain function and concentration, so it’s always good to have a bottle of water handy and sip away.

Mondays are bad enough so do whatever you can to readjust after the weekend and get your week off to a good start.

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