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Aran Biomedical, a leading biomaterials contract manufacturer of proprietary medical devices, has adopted Softworks Workforce Management Software to manage their employee Time and Attendance, Flexitime, HR and Project Time Tracking.

Commenting on the decision to implement a Workforce Management System Zita O’Rourke, Human Resources Director, Aran Biomedical said:

“Supervisors had a huge administrative burden which was once manageable but became more difficult to manage as we grew and the nature of our business changed. We now offer products in five distinct fields and we needed to dedicate time to further developing in these areas, there wasn’t time to follow paper around the site.”

Aran Biomedical chose a cloud-based version of Softworks fully ISO 27001 certified software and is now benefiting from a single completely automated and centralised Workforce Management System.

One of the major benefits of the new Workforce Management System has been the ability to introduce and manage Flexible working options for employees. Speaking about this Zita O’Rourke, Human Resources Director, Aran Biomedical said:

“The introduction of flexible working hours is a benefit that would not have been possible without the Softworks system because we previously had no way of tracking hours worked. It’s providing a better work life balance for employees and it’s far more family friendly. Flexitime is also an important benefit to allow us to attract higher numbers of high-quality candidates as we continue to grow.”

Commenting on the rollout of Softworks to Aran Biomedical Andrew Ferguson, CEO Softworks said:

“We’re very proud Aran Biomedical has selected Softworks Workforce Management Software to simplify and streamline their employee management. We’re delighted to hear about the benefits already being experienced by HR ,Supervisors and employees alike and we look forward to a continued successful relationship.”

To read the full Case Study on the benefits Aran Biomedical have experienced since deploying Softworks Workforce Management software please click here.

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