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There are many reasons organisations should record employee working hours including; accurate information for payroll, managing employee absences, management reporting and ensuring compliance with legislation and Health & Safety requirements but did you know recording hours can bring benefits for employees too?

 1. Ensuring Compliance with Legislation and Health & Safety Requirements

Legislation such as the European Working Time Directive, Canada Labor Code and the Fair Labor Standards Act requires employers to record working hours. By accurately recording working hours you make sure your organisation is compliant with legislation and not at risk of cases being brought by employees for unpaid overtime or hours worked outside of agreed hours.

 2. Attracting, Retaining & Motivating employees with Flexible Working

Attracting and retaining top talent requires the ability to respond to employees’ demand for more flexible work schedules that suit their chosen lifestyles and to balance work and family life. At the same time, organisations’ demand for flexible working has also increased as they now have to meet 24/7 customer demand. Having a system in place to record working hours makes all of this possible.

 3. Promoting Positive Work-Life Balance with Flexitime

For employees, Flexitime can help balance work and family responsibilities or help avoid the time-consuming and stressful rush-hour commute. For employers, Flexitime has been shown to reduce absenteeism and even increase motivation at work. Key to the successful introduction of Flexitime however is the ability to easily and fairly track and report on hours worked.

 4. Saving time and money while empowering employees through Self-Service

Cut down on admin time and increase the efficiency of HR, Payroll and Operations while empowering employees through Employee Self-Service. Using employee self-service on their PC or the mobile App employees can request and amend holidays, and view real-time information on their rosters/schedules and holiday/vacation balances.

 5. Creating a Culture of Fairness and Transparency among Employees

In some organisations, there can be a perception that some employees and departments work harder and longer than others or that some employees are frequently absent. By having proper procedures in place to record working hours there’s a sense of justice and reassurance.

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